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Course Information:

This course will provide students with an overview of the sociological perspective on the institution of family. Both historical and contemporary aspects of singlehood, courtship, mate selection, love, cohabitation, marriage, and divorce will be examined. Components of family life including gender socialization, parenting styles, communication, and conflict resolution will be analyzed using various theoretical perspectives. Emphasis will be placed on examining diverse family structure and relationships as well as how family experiences are shaped by social class, race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. (Source: Course Catalog 2017-2018)       Recommended Preparation: Completion of Sociology 101; eligibility for English 1A                                                                                         

Course Policies:

1. The student who achieves the highest number of points on each method of evaluation sets the curve (starts the "A's") for that particular task. The highest number of points achieved equals 100% and the grades are then calculated as follows:
90-100% = A; 80-89%=B; 70-79% = C; 60-69% = D

2. This grading system will also be used to determine final grades which are based upon the highest number of points acquired for the entire semester.

A. Exams (4) 300 (100 pts. per exam)
*Three (3) of the four (4) exams are mandatory. The 4th exam is optional.

B. Research & Critical Thinking Assignment 200 pts.
     1. Research
     2. Written Assignment (Report Submission)
     3. Oral Presentation
C. Project Draft Submission 25 pts.
D. Peer Reviews (2.5 pts per Review) 75-100 pts
E. In-Class Essays (3) 75 Pts. (25 pts. per Essay)
F. Attendance 32 pts. (2 pts. per class)
    (1 point - attending, 1 point - arriving on time)
G. Participation 32 pts. (2 pts. per class)
H. Possible Extra Credit To Be Announced 5 - 35 Pts.


Students can view the course syllabus through student myecc accounts, once registered. 

Online Resources:

Sociology Encyclopedia
The Sociology Encyclopedia helps to bridge the gap between the terms we hear in conversations and gives us an overview of the topic or term.

Sociology Dictionary
The Sociology Dictionary provides the sociological perspective into the terms that may have a general meaning for society and a more specific meaning in the world of sociology.


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Sociology 102 is being offered with this Instructor

Spring 2018 - Section 9216
Mondays 6 p.m. - 9:10 p.m.

 See your counselor to learn more about applying sociology credits to your major

Sociology Major Requirements
Required Core: 3 units

Sociology 101

List A: 7 units

Sociology 104; Sociology 109 or Psychology 9A or
Mathematics 150

List B: 6 units
Sociology 102, 107, 112, Psychology 8

List C: 3 units
Anthropology 2, American Studies 7, Psychology 12, 16,
Sociology 108, Women's Studies 1
Total Units: 19    





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