Vice president's MessagE
Barbara perez

Welcome to the fall 2011 semester! I hope you all had a pleasant summer and are now ready to help our students focus on the future by making this a successful 2011-2012 academic year at El Camino College Compton Center.

As we begin the year with a focus on student success and programs and services that help our students achieve their future goals, whether it is an associate degree, certificate, transfer or career training, I’d like to reflect on some recent successes and use them as momentum to help the new cohort of students achieve similar milestones. I am proud to report that 76 ECC Compton Center students who graduated in June 2011 will be continuing their education at four-year colleges and universities this fall

This issue of Center News highlights some of these recent achievements by ECC Compton Center students. Please read the personal stories of two recent graduates who are transferring to UC campuses this fall; Tartar baseball standout Matthew Young who was recently drafted to MLB; a slideshow of memories from Commencement 2011 where 222 associate degrees and 53 certificates were awarded; and another slideshow of ASB-sponsored events depicting a year in the life of ECC Compton Center students.

As you all know, these are challenging times for California community colleges; however I know you are all committed to doing the best with what we have and being innovative in our solutions. We are dedicated to student success and to providing quality academic programs to the communities we serve.

Have a great semester. I look forward to seeing you around ECC Compton Center.

Student success

ECC Graduates Transfer to Four-Year Universities to Follow Their Career Aspirations

ECC Compton Center is proud to announce that approximately 76 graduates will be continuing their education at four-year colleges and universities this fall. Fifty-five of them will transfer to Cal State University campuses, six will become University of California students and about 15 will study at private, or out-of-state, institutions of higher learning. Each and every transfer student has overcome challenges and worked hard to achieve success and ECC Compton Center helped pave the way. Here are two student’s success stories:

Arlana Walton:

Picture of Arlana WaltonArlana Walton is the first of her siblings to graduate from high school, attend college and earn her associate degree. Now an alumna of El Camino College Compton Center, Arlana and her three-year-old son, Zhay-lyn, will move from Long Beach to Riverside this fall where she will study psychology and sociology at University of California, Riverside.

A Long Beach native, Arlana attended Long Beach Poly High School and after graduating in 2006 enrolled at Long Beach City College (LBCC). While a student at LBCC, she became pregnant with her son and took a break from school. After Zhay-lyn was born and it came time to go back to school, Arlana made the decision to transfer to ECC Compton Center in the fall of 2008.

“Once Zhay-lyn was born I really wanted to focus on school. I felt that in order to do that, I had to change my school environment and spend less time socializing and more time on academics,” said Arlana. “As soon as I arrived at El Camino College Compton Center, I knew I had made the right choice. It was a different kind of environment where the faculty really cares and shows you how to take school seriously.”

Arlana attributes her success at ECC Compton Center to the strong relationships she developed with almost all of her teachers, as well as the support she received through EOP&S/CARE. CARE is a state-funded educational program that offers additional support for single parents pursuing their educational goals. More.

Arlana applied to Cal State Dominguez Hills, Cal State Los Angeles, Cal State Fullerton, UC Irvine, UC San Diego and UC Riverside. UC Riverside was ultimately chosen because Arlana wants to do her own research in psychology and sociology. The opportunity to live in the university’s family housing with other students who are parents was also a strong draw.

In the future, Arlana would like to start her own non-profit called “It Starts with You” to help others go back to school. This is a goal on which she has already started working. Her tagline is, “It’s not what your community can do for you, but what you can do for your community.”

“What good is it for you to get ahead and leave your brother behind,” said Arlana. “Make yourself and your community better.”

It appears that Arlana is already putting her theory into practice within her own family. Arlana’s accomplishments have inspired both her mother and her sister. Her mother is now a community college student and her sister is currently enrolled in the cosmetology program at ECC Compton Center.

Diego Ramos:

Picture of Diego RamosDiego Ramos will transfer to the University of California, Irvine in the fall to study studio art. He works primarily as an assemblage painter and enjoys combining traditional oil painting with manipulated paper that is sometimes embroidered or treated in other ways, to create pieces that resemble fabric. Despite a passion for the subject, Ramos did not always know that he wanted to explore a career in the arts.

In 2009, Diego graduated from Dominguez Hills High School in Compton. He was looking forward to attending California State University Los Angeles in the Fall of 2009, until his financial aid application did not go through. It was at this point that he was introduced to Rebeca Mason, director/counselor of ECC Compton Center’s First Year Experience (FYE) program. Initially Diego was disappointed that he would not be attending California State University Los Angeles, but after meeting Mason and qualifying for the FYE program his outlook began to change.

Another focus of the FYE program is to bring in guest speakers who provide college advising and counseling. Diego remembers one such speaker from the University of California, Berkeley, “She talked a lot about minorities in college, which really resonated with me,” explains Diego. “I am a minority and it showed me that transferring was possible.”

Transferring became more than a possibility for Diego. After being accepted to the University of California at Irvine, the University of California at Santa Cruz and the University of California at Santa Barbara, it became a reality and a big decision. Ultimately, Diego chose the University of California at Irvine because its art program is the best fit for him.

His plans for the future include earning his bachelor’s degree, possibly a master’s degree in Fine Arts, as well as joining an artist residency program.

Diego is extremely thankful for his experience at ECC Compton Center. “It gave me time to think about what I really wanted to do and the path that I wanted to take. Then programs like FYE and the professors gave me the tools to get there,” said Diego.

Future Students Gain Valuable Information at Recent High School Reception

Over 80 students from 14 local high schools attended the ECC Compton Center High School Reception in June. Barbara Perez, Vice President of ECC Compton Center, and Ricky Shabazz, Director of Outreach, were on hand to welcome the 10th, 11th, and 12th graders, and provide them with an overview of campus support programs, as well as concurrent enrollment.

The reception primarily catered to two types of students. The students who had already completed the application process attended a break-out session where they were given personal attention and assistance with registering for classes. Other students, who had not yet completed an application, attended a workshop on how to submit one. They were also introduced to Financial Aid opportunities and the First Year Experience (FYE) program. Additionally, information was available for students who had not yet passed the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE).

At ECC Compton Center, we know that the college matriculation process can be intimidating to high school students. The High School Reception hosted by the Outreach Program is just one of the many ways ECC Compton Center introduces prospective students to the programs and people who can help.

Class of 2011 Graduates and Begins Next Chapter

On June 9, 222 students met the requirements to graduate with associate degrees and 53 students earned certificates. Of those students, approximately 76 are now preparing for the next chapter and are transferring to four-year colleges and universities this fall.

One outstanding graduate is Arlana Walton, who graduated with an associate degree and will transfer to UC Riverside in the fall to pursue a double major in psychology and sociology. She is one of approximately six ECC Compton Center students admitted to the University of California system this fall. Read Arlana’s story in this issue of Center News.

To view a slideshow of images from the 2011 Commencement Ceremony, click here.

ECC Compton Center Welcomes New Full-time Faculty

Picture of Karla CotiKarla Coti

Chemistry instructor. After graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2004 from California State University, Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, Coti went on to earn a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in March 2010 where she was awarded a Dissertation Year Fellowship. She has served as a teaching assistant for UCLA’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and as a student research advisor at Northwestern University, UCLA and CSU Los Angeles. Coti most recently was an adjunct chemistry instructor at both Glendale Community College and El Camino College Compton Center.

Picture of Brent KooimanBrent Kooiman

Auto Collision and Repair instructor. Kooiman brings 30 years of experience in the auto collision repair and refinishing industry. He has worked in every aspect of the field including estimator, technician, and collision repair shop owner, as well as serving as an instructor. He earned his associate degree in automotive collision repair from Cerritos College. Kooiman has also served as an adjunct instructor at both Cerritos College and El Camino College.

Picture of Dale UedaDale Ueda

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) instructor. After earning a bachelor's degree in business administration from California State University, Dominguez Hills, and an initial career with the United Parcel Service, Ueda completed the HVAC apprenticeship program through the state of California. He is now a certified journeyman with more than 11 years in HVAC and refrigeration fitting experience. Since 1999, Ueda has served as an adjunct instructor at El Camino College and joined the adjunct faculty at ECC Compton Center in 2009, where he has contributed to program review and Student Learning Outcome statement development for the HVAC programs at both locations. Ueda has also served as an adjunct faculty member at Long Beach City College and Orange Coast College.

Picture of Cassandra WashingtonCassandra Washington

Child Development instructor. An alumna of El Camino College, Washington received a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies from California State University, Dominguez Hills and a master’s degree in education at California State University, Los Angeles with a minor in early childhood education. She has served as an adjunct instructor at ECC Compton Center since 2009 and has more than 12 years experience in early childhood care and education. Since 1995, she has worked at the Los Angeles County Office of Education as an educator and tutor helping to prepare students for the CAHSSE. Since 2006, Washington has also served as a youth counselor at the Starview Adolescent Treatment Center in Torrance.


Congratulations to Faculty Members Granted Tenure

The following faculty members were granted tenure effective August 25:

Dr. Fazal Aasi, Biological Sciences
Deborah Heming, Nursing
Dr. Eyob Wallano, Biological Sciences

ECC Compton Center - Student Success Plan

A Student Success Committee comprising ECC Compton Center students, faculty, staff, and managers representing various Center constituent groups, was established in spring 2010 to create a student success plan that addresses the needs of ECC Compton Center’s underprepared students. Similar to many community colleges, ECC Compton Center is experiencing a large number of students enrolling who are underprepared for college-level work.

Many of them lack both the educational and cultural experience, as well as the fundamental academic competencies to succeed in collegiate and professional environments.
This is a statewide concern, with the widening disconnect between students’ goals and their skills prompting the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) to identify the Basic Skills agenda as one of its top priorities. The CCCCO has embarked on an unprecedented campaign to “ensure that basic skills development is a major focus and an adequately funded activity of the Community Colleges.” (Strategy B1 of the System Strategic Plan)


The ECC Compton Center Student Success Committee was established in response to several initiatives, including the California Basic Skills Initiative and the ECC Compton Center Accreditation Visiting Team report on Basic Skills (June 2009), as well as AARC and Institutional Research reports describing low student success and retention rates. There is Center-wide recognition of the need for systemic institutional change/improvement to meet the needs of underprepared students.

The final working draft of ECC Compton Center’s Student Success plan was completed in June. The plan includes strategies that address four categories of the State’s basic skills self-assessment, which are:

  • Organizational and Administrative Practices

  • Program Components

  • Instructional Practices

  • Professional Development

Student Success Committee members then identified six strategies to address the categories listed above, including:

  • Establish Student Success Committee & Administrative Leadership

  • Evaluate and modify/enhance the matriculation processes and policies focusing on barriers to student success as identified in the Basic Skills Assessment (“Chaffey Report”). This process will target improving the assessment and placement processes for student success.

  • Provide support for discipline faculty to revise basic skills courses. This will include revising Course Outlines of Record and/or course requirements to include supplemental support components such as directed learning activities, labs, tutorial components, and skills workshops.

  • Provide academic support resources and services, including tutoring, in all disciplines as appropriate. This process includes institutionalizing tutoring & supplemental instruction to incorporate more “gateway” transfer courses, occupational courses, and basic skills courses.

  • Institutionalize and expand learning communities. This can be accomplished by creating linked classes that are interactive and collaborative; and building relationships with academic counselors and instructors.

  • Improve support provided to Career and Technical Education students and programs. This will incorporate bridging activities with incoming students linking to a Summer Bridge Academy to prepare them to enter CTE programs at the ECC Compton Center

The committee has defined objectives for each of these strategies and is working to identify departments/individuals that need to be involved. The committee is also in the process of sharing the plan with the various consultation groups for input prior to final approval.

Additionally, projected timelines and budgets have been outlined in many of the 2011-12 annual plans and are included in the Center’s budget development process. Most strategies will begin to be implemented in 2011-2012, with some happening throughout the following academic year.

The Student Success Committee members have reached out to other campus representatives to ensure the plan will lead to the systemic and organizational changes needed to help students succeed and achieve their goals. The plan is dynamic and will evolve as necessary to accommodate changing student needs. The ECC Compton Center Student Success Plan is intended to address the skills gap and provide the necessary components to improve student retention and persistence, and enable all students to succeed in occupational, degree, or transfer programs.

A Year in the Life of ECC Compton Center Students

There are a variety of campus activities and cultural and educational events taking place each year that make El Camino College Compton Center the vibrant campus community it is. Many of these events take place annually and have become student favorites over the years. Be sure and check out the Associated Student Body’s (ASB) ‘A Year in Review’ slideshow, which features highlights from the 2010-2011 academic year. This collection of photos is a great way to reminisce about the fun of last year’s events and to see all that ASB has in store for this year!

Development of Student Learning Outcomes is Ongoing

Student Learning Outcome (SLO) documentation is an integral part of the accreditation process, and for ECC Compton Center it is an important aspect in moving to accreditation. The development of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) is one of the key themes of the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) standards. This theme focuses on the Center consciously and actively demonstrating the effectiveness of our efforts to produce and support student learning at the course, program, and institutional levels (outcomes at this level are called core competencies). In addition, learning outcomes must be measured and assessed to determine how well understanding is occurring so that changes may be made if indicated.

Assessing core competencies gives faculty, staff, and managers a broader view of the Center as a whole and how their area or program fits into the institution’s mission. A core competency describes what skills students would have acquired upon graduation or transfer.  A list of El Camino College’s Core Competencies may be found here.

An action plan, created by the Accreditation Steering Committee (ASC), calls for all courses to have at least one assessment completed by Fall 2012 and all programs to have a least one assessment completed by Spring 2012. Of the 400 courses, only 9 lacked SLO statements when this process began in April 2011.

Below is a chart of our progress in overall development of SLOs:






Health/Human Services

Fall 2010






Spring 2011






*as of 6/28/11

For further assistance with SLO documentation, members of the faculty may contact our SLO Coordinator Chelvi Subramaniam at or 310-900-1600, Ext. 2235. For more information on SLOs click here.

Flex Day Kicks Off Fall 2011 Semester

Our Flex Day began with a breakfast at El Camino College on August 25, followed by the General Session featuring faculty initiatives and division/department meetings. On August 26, Flex Day activities moved to El Camino College Compton Center, beginning with refreshments in the morning, followed by a welcome address and ECC Compton Center update. The rest of the day was spent discussing and working on student learning outcomes, program reviews and overall student success.

Discussions revolved around the set of goals designed to support the strategic initiatives used for annual planning:

  • Support student learning and student success – additional tutoring resources are required and this will be accomplished with a proposed increase in funds for supplemental instruction. In addition, faculty members have been challenged to schedule one of their office hours in the LRC to increase tutoring support to students.

  • Fully implement the planning and budget process.

  • Enhance communication with students, employees and the community.

  • Provide professional development opportunities for faculty/staff, and encourage employees to take advantage of sessions offered throughout the year.

  • Continue to improve the processes and services to support ECC Compton Center’s accreditation efforts; this includes the work of the ASC, FCMAT visits and program reviews for 2011-2012. There will be nine programs under review in fall 2011 and eight programs under review in spring 2012.

We appreciate the participation of all of our full-time faculty members as this planning is important to the future of our institution in creating a sustainable, supportive, and academically sound learning environment for our students.

News & notes

Winter and Spring 2012 Admissions Application Period is Now Open

Application for admission to Early 2012 and Spring 2012 is now open. All prospective students are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Registration appointment times for new students are determined by application date.

Students apply through CCCApply, the statewide online application sponsored by the Chancellor’s Office.  Please click here for direct access to the application.

Any questions regarding an application or the online application process may be directed to Marie Tate at 310-660-3593, extension 6163.

New Student Welcome Day Set for August 24

New Student Welcome Day PictureNew Student Welcome Day introduced students to ECC Compton Center and to all of the resources that will help them to have a successful student experience. At the recent New Student Welcome Day, 300 students and their guests had the opportunity to meet with academic advisors, register for classes, take a campus tour, be introduced to faculty members, learn about students services, policies and campus life, find out about financial aid, as well as visit the student services, academic programs and departments showcase. Throughout the day there were also opportunities to win prizes and meet new friends.

Compton Center Alumni Drafted to MLB

Matthew YoungECC Compton Center baseball standout Matthew Young was recently drafted in the 14th round of the Major League Baseball Amateur draft by the Tampa Bay Rays. Young is currently weighing his options. This news follows Young’s selection as the South Coast Conference most valuable player, as well as offensive player of the year. The Tartar baseball team tied for second place with East Los Angeles College in conference play. Young ranked first in the SCC in nine offensive categories this season, including conference hits (53), total bases (77), on-base percentage (.511), slugging percentage (.647), runs scored (31) and batting average (.465).

New Distribution System for Class Schedules

Fall 2011 Fall ScheduleBeginning this fall, class schedules will be distributed in such a way that will reduce waste and cost for ECC Compton Center. Each department, as well as its faculty and staff members, will receive a free printed copy. Additionally, a free printed copy of the Fall 2011 Class Schedule was mailed to the homes of all Compton Community College District residents and current students. Students are encouraged to use the copy mailed to them, or the free online schedule, when registering for classes.

If faculty, staff, or students need a secondary printed copy they will be available for purchase in the bookstore and the vending machine near the bookstore for $1.00. 

Meet SchoolDude; Newest Addition to the Maintenance/Operations Department

ECC Compton Center’s Maintenance and Operations Department works hard to keep the campus safe, clean and functional. Now, there is a new “dude” on campus to help with the upkeep of ECC Compton Center’s grounds and facilities.

SchoolDude is a user-friendly computer program designed to streamline the work order process. It offers a host of options for access, tracking, report writing and documentation. Most ECC Compton Center employees have access to SchoolDude, and Maintenance and Operations is working toward having at least one person from each department trained on how to use this new system.

An initial one-hour training session took place in June. Please contact Fran Armstrong in Maintenance and Operations at 310-900-1600, Ext. 2604 for more information.

Clicker Sets Now Available; Training Workshop August 23

Picture of ClickerClicker sets are the latest tool in learning technology and may be used to actively engage students in the classroom. This new technology has proven to be popular amongst a generation of students who are tech-savvy and respond well to interactive activities in the classroom.

TurningPoint is a dynamic response system that enables two-way communication between a speaker and an audience by allowing instant feedback through the use of clickers. Students use the clickers to respond to questions posed by the instructor in a specially designed presentation. Results of student responses can then be shared in real time. Answers are also stored electronically and can be referenced at a later time.

All faculty members are encouraged to attend a workshop on Wednesday, August 3, 2011 from 1-3 p.m. in Room G-32. This workshop will share best practices and cover how to collect, evaluate and record clicker responses. Please call 310-900-1600, Ext. 3872 to register.