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Barbara perez

This is one of the favorite times of the academic year. It is an opportunity to set aside time to celebrate student success stories and recognize all of our students’ educational achievements.

Please join in congratulating all of our scholars, including the 222 students who have met the requirements to graduate with an associate degree; and the 53 students who have earned a certificate this semester. All are invited to the ECC Compton Center Commencement Ceremony on June 9, 5:30 p.m. in the Tartar Quad.

We are extremely proud to have several students who will transfer to the University of California system this fall; and 14 students who will graduate with honors because they earned a 3.5 GPA or higher.

This issue of Center News highlights some of the recent achievements by ECC Compton Center students, including a look at the lives of our three Presidential Scholars; the inspiring educational journey of our student commencement speaker Juana Sandoval; Scholar-Athletes of the Year Denise Vargas and Miguel Helguera; eight scholar-athletes recognized with a 3.0 GPA or higher; Tartar baseball’s Matthew Young honored with the All-SCC Most Valuable Player award; and the 51 students who received scholarships this year at the annual Academic Awards Tea.

During this time of year we also recognize our faculty and staff members, who are instrumental in helping guide our students to achieve their educational goals at ECC Compton Center.

Learning communities programs like the First Year Experience (FYE) aid in improving academic support services to students. The number of students participating in the FYE Program has doubled since its inception in 2009, and FYE students from that first year are now serving as mentors to the students currently in the program.

This year we also expanded our supplemental instruction this year to add science classes. Evidence indicates that students who participate in supplemental instruction are more likely to be successful than those who do not participate. Faculty members recognizing these benefits have worked to encourage students to engage in supplemental instruction.

Over the past two years, more than half of the full-time faculty participated in the Faculty Inquiry Partnership Program (FIPP) which includes On-Course training. In one component, faculty members learn how to help students take ownership of their own learning success. Faculty participants continue to meet monthly to share techniques employed in the classroom and analyze the effectiveness of the program.

Please take time to review this issue of Center News, which has many great stories that serve as shining examples of the quality of individuals—students, faculty and staff alike—who are the lifeblood of our institution.

Student success

Congratulations Class of 2011!

Commencement is a special occasion for our graduates and their families, as well as the faculty, staff and administration. Our June 9 commencement ceremony will mark a significant achievement in the lives of 222 students who meet the requirements to graduate with an associate degree and 53 students who will earn certificates.

El Camino College Compton Center is pleased to announce that William Allen Young will deliver this year’s commencement address on June 9. Young, an acclaimed actor, orator and advocate for higher education, has a passion for inspiring young people to become future leaders and champions of change in their communities and society. Young is El Camino College alumnus who, in 1976, was ranked as one of the top forensics team speakers among all community colleges in the nation.

A Washington D.C. native who spent his formative years living in South Central Los Angeles, Young rose from humble beginnings to achieve notable success. His acting career spans two decades and includes starring roles on hit television series’ like Moesha and CSI: Miami, as well as in stage and film productions—including the Academy Award-nominated film, A Soldier’s Story.

Young’s journey of success and national fame began at age 13 when he discovered acting. He studied at the famed Inner City Acting Academy and later honed his skills at the University of Southern California (USC) under the direction of his mentor, American theatre icon John Houseman. He later traveled to Russia to study at the renowned Moscow Art Theatre.

A belief in the value of higher education led Young to establish his own nonprofit organization, Young Center for Academic & Cultural Enrichment, where he works to create opportunities for economically disadvantaged youth to realize their dreams of earning a college degree. Over the years, his work has changed the lives of children around the world.

While attending USC, Young led the Trojan Debate Squad to two consecutive National Championships and is now a dynamic motivational speaker. His extensive client list includes organizations such as Northrop Grumman, NAACP, California Teachers Association, Los Angeles Community College District, Stanford University and USC.

Young graduated from Locke High School in Los Angeles, and became a distinguished graduate at USC. He earned a masters degree in Sociolinguistics and a bachelor’s degree in Rhetoric & Debate.

Student Commencement Speaker Excels as Example of “The American Dream”

Juana SandovalIn search of a better life, Juana Sandoval immigrated to the United States in 1999 with her parents and siblings. Shortly after arriving in the City of Compton, she began working in a factory as a machine operator. The conditions and environment she experienced at the job were just the motivation she needed to seek an education.

Sandoval enrolled at an adult education center where she learned the English language skills she needed to obtain a GED. She was initially hesitant to enroll at college because she wasn’t sure her English writing and speaking skills were strong enough. She had set the bar so high for herself that a college degree seemed like an impossible goal. Through a friend’s encouragement and help, Sandoval enrolled at El Camino College Compton Center in winter 2006.

From the outset, Sandoval demonstrated her commitment to being a dedicated student. The good grades she earned during her first semester motivated Sandoval to stay in school and study even harder. In the most challenging moments of her student life, she remembers her father’s words, “Education is one of the most important values that a person can possess.”

Despite several setbacks and family circumstances that could have derailed her education, Sandoval persevered and is graduating today with a 3.87 GPA. She plans to transfer to California State University, Dominguez Hills, where she will major in business administration.

As a mother of two, Sandoval hopes her “actions speak louder than words” in her efforts to set a good example and show her children that receiving an education is not optional—it is an aspiration. She hopes her achievement will encourage her children to follow in her footsteps and pursue a higher education.

Nursing Students Pinned

The El Camino College Compton Center Nursing Pinning Ceremony will take place on June 8. We congratulate the 31 graduates who will earn associate degrees, and the 22 students who will complete the nursing assistant/home health aide program.

Associate Degree Nursing Graduates

Pearl Aberin
Hulda Asiegbu
Malox Base
Mary Jane Briz
Tiffany Brown-Turner
Felicia Collins
Heather Franks
Marc Gonzalez
Miranda Hagan
Anastasia Jackson
Wanda Jackson
Ji Youn Kim
Hannah Maghasi

Ronnie Manning
Sharon Mazariegos
Rodrick Moore
Glendy Morataya
Khailia Nellum
Oladapo Ogunnaike
Mayra Padilla
Renee Pulliam
Armesse Randolph
Maria Reyda Roxas
William Sanchez
Joi Stewart

Kingsley Ukonu
Luis Valle
Grethcen Watts
Sandy Weaver
Telecia Williams
Isela Zacarias


Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide Completers

Kristyana Berry
Denise Bradley
Talis Campbell
Tina Clardie-Mohammad
Anita Davis
Deadra Grayson

Shalom Hall
Yvette Hayes
Robyn-Michelle Johnson
Ariam Martinez
Latoya Montgomery
Heidy Cruz Norori

Tamilko Pace
Cristal Rojo
Billy Sanders
Luis Segura

Presidential Scholars Looking Forward to the Future

Three ECC Compton Center students who have worked hard to prepare themselves for the next step in their academic careers have been named this year’s Presidential Scholars. Marisela Chavez, Monique Harris, and Luis Paredes each received the prestigious award in recognition of their academic achievements and contributions to ECC Compton Center. Here, their personal success stories:

Marisela Chavez
Marisela ChavezWhen Marisela Chavez graduated from high school, she enrolled at California State University, Fullerton. But, the pressures of attending such a large campus at a young age proved to be too much. After taking a semester off from her studies, Chavez enrolled at ECC Compton Center.

Compton Center’s personalized attention and small classes have helped change Chavez’s initial impressions about higher education. She now knows that even though a subject may seem challenging at first, it is not impossible to succeed in it.

“My professors have shown me, through example, that so many things can be accomplished in a lifetime. I have learned so much from the professors here and not just the material they were teaching,” says Chavez.

Chavez feels strongly that ECC Compton Center has given her a solid foundation, upon which she is able to continue building her education. “I know that attending a big university will be different from attending Compton Center, but I am ready to face that change. I now have the confidence to pursue my bachelor’s degree and possibly even further,” Chavez says.

Monique Harris
Monique HarrisMonique Harris is a business administration major who plans on transferring to the University of California, Riverside, and dreams of starting her own nonprofit organization called The Highest Tree. She wants to assist and inspire others because of the way she has been motivated at ECC Compton Center. Harris credits the professors at Compton Center for teaching her that if she sets her mind to something, nothing is impossible.

“I am proud to say that I attended ECC Compton Center because for two years, teachers, students and experiences have helped me mature and made me believe that it’s not about where you’ve been in life, it’s about where you’re going,” says Harris. “ECC Compton Center was an important step in my life toward success, and I honestly believe that if I had not come to this school first that I would not be the young woman I am today.”

Compton Center provided Harris with the resources she needed to become confident in herself. Now, she is ready to use her newfound confidence in order to make a difference in the lives of others.

Luis Paredes
Luis ParedesLuis Paredes is an ambitious biology major who plans to transfer to a UC school to earn his bachelor’s degree in microbiology. Because of the education he received at ECC Compton Center this goal, as well as a career in clinical lab science or public health, is now within reach. When Paredes graduated from Narbonne High School in 2002 he had no plans to go to college. In fact, Paredes began working as an auto dismantler and did so for six years. It wasn’t until Paredes had the idea to open up his own business that he considered going back to school.

He had reservations about becoming a student again, but enrolled at ECC Compton Center in spring 2008. In his first semester he earned straight A’s and knew that he had made the right decision. Paredes says, “Being introduced to new ideas and having contact with encouraging people such as my fellow students and professors motivated me to make the most out of life.”

During Paredes’ time at Compton Center he played on the men’s soccer team and studied hard enough to earn a 3.89 GPA. “ECC Compton Center is a great school that has enriched my life in so many ways,” says Paredes.

Congratulations to our Presidential Scholars!

Students Shine at Annual Academic Awards Tea

El Camino College Compton Center’s academic standouts took center stage at the annual Academic Awards Tea last month, in the Student Lounge. The event recognized the academic achievements of ECC Compton Center students who will graduate on June 9 with honors, and also acknowledged 14 honor students and 51 scholarship recipients. The program included a welcome by members of administration, musical presentations, featured alumni, as well as honors and scholarship award presentations. Class of 2010 alumnus Terrance Stewart, who is now attending UC Riverside, shared his own student success story and offered the current graduates words of encouragement. Faculty Council President Saul Panski and Math Professor Jose Villalobos presented the students with their scholarship awards. Compton Community College District Interim CEO Keith Curry. And Foundation Board President Anthony Williams, presented the Foundation Scholarship awards. In addition to making closing remarks, ECC Compton Center Vice President Barbara Perez joined Dr. Curry in presenting this year’s Presidential Scholar awards to Marisela Chavez, Monique Harris and Luis Paredes.

Click here to view photos of the Academic Awards Tea.

We would also like to congratulate the following ECC Compton Center 2011 scholarship recipients:

Honor Students

Students graduating with a cumulative GPA of 3.50 and higher.

Maribel Barron
Kelly M. Cooper
Beatriz Conejo
Mary Green-Montgomery
Miguel Angel Helguera
Rebeca Judith Miranda

Sarah Robledo-Diaz
Maria Reyda Zuniga Roxas
Rosario Saenz
Juana Sandoval
Denise Vargas
Carmen M. Vasquez

Glenroy Lee Walker
LaMaree Dante Weaks

Scholarship Recipients

Sharlita Anderson, First Generation Student Scholarship
Amelia Apple, Danny McDonald Memorial Scholarship
Armand Autsey, Foundation Scholarship
Kiumars Bafekr, Computer & Information Systems
Gerardo Barajas, Mathematics
Angelica Barba, Scholarship for Re-Entry Women
Kenny Barcinas, First Generation Student Scholarship
Maria Bazan, Business, EOP&S
Taneisha Bennett, Ophelia Scott Memorial Scholarship
Mariela Castro, Boeing Company Scholarship, Foundation Scholarship
Donnika Clark, Osher Scholarship
Jameelah Elliot, Child Development
Timothy Eubanks, Arthur Q. Tyler Scholarship
Kendrick Ephriam, Career & Technical Education
Kathryn Florimon, Robert Spiecker Memorial Scholarship
Baltazar Fonesca, Arthur Q. Tyler Scholarship, Foundation Scholarship
Alexis Gallegos, CARE
Venice Gamble, Arthur Q. Tyler Scholarship
Elizabeth Garcia, Foundation Scholarship
Wendy Gonzalez, Foundation Scholarship
Tony Henderson, Arthur Q. Tyler Scholarship, Foundation Scholarship
Jahiro Hernandez, Boeing Company Scholarship
Joslin Jacobs, Osher Scholarship
Artkiest Jones, First Generation Student Scholarship
Carol King, Scholarship for Re-Entry Women
Sharon McClain, Special Resource Center
Vanessa Leyva Melgoza, Osher Scholarship
Karen Mendoza, Humanities, EOP&S
Alfredo Munguia, Athletics, Dream Act Scholarship
Adriana Perez, Dream Act Scholarship, First Generation Student Scholarship
N’Kosi Pierre-Kafele, Natural Science
Maria Preciado, CalWorks
Ana Ramirez, Dream Act Scholarship
Nelia Reid, Nursing
Marlene Renteria, Fine Arts
Naty Requena, Scholarship for Re-Entry Women
Stephanie Richardson, Scholarship for Re-Entry Women
Darlene Rogers, Osher Scholarship
Maria Rojas, Behavioral & Social Science, Robert Spiecker Memorial Scholarship
Luz Romo de Gudino, Osher Scholarship
Luis Rosas, First Generation Student Scholarship
Ralynn Ross, First Generation Student Scholarship
Vanessa Salazar, Dream Act Scholarship
Sabrina Sutherland, PTA Nursing Scholarship
Delisa Thompson, Osher Scholarship
Denika Turner, Osher Scholarship
Marcos Valdovinos, First Generation Student Scholarship
Joyce Washington, Scholarship for Re-Entry Women
Pamela Wilkerson, Foundation Scholarship
Tishcella Williams, Osher Scholarship
Lorene Williams, Scholarship for Re-Entry Women

Academics Take Center Stage at Annual Athletic Academic Awards Ceremony

ECC Compton Center honored its student-athletes for their academic and athletic achievements at the Annual Athletic Academic Awards Ceremony.

Now in its third year, the awards ceremony began as a way to celebrate the hard work and determination it takes to be successful both in the classroom and on the playing field. Student-athletes with a 3.0 GPA or higher were recognized with the distinguished honor of being named “wall-of-fame” athletes. In addition, there were special honors for the male and female scholar-athletes of the year.

Albert “Lefty” Olguin, ECC Compton Center athletic director commented, “This yearly ceremony is an opportunity for us to emphasize the importance of education and that our athletic programs are meant to contribute to, rather than detract from, student success.”

Below is a list of the student-athletes honored this year:

Scholar-Athletes of the Year
(3.5 GPA or higher)
Denise Vargas, Softball
Miguel Helguera, Baseball

“Wall of Fame” Scholar-Athletes
(3.0 GPA or higher)
Anthony Bernal, Baseball
Robert Brown, Football, Track & Field
Evan Kenebrew, Baseball
Eric Konop, Football
Angelo Looney, Football
Artie Lopez, Baseball
Luliana Maldonado, Soccer
Vander Myers, Basketball

Dean’s List                                                      
Denise Vargas, Softball       

Dual Athletes                                                   
Robert Brown, Football & Track
Champagne Houston, Softball, Track & Soccer
Ashley Johnson, Cross Country/Track & Field
Matelina Maluia, Softball & Basketball   
Mark Sanchez, Football, Track & Field
Heyner Salvaterra, Soccer, Track & Field
Robert Smith, Cross Country/Track & Field                                                        
Highest Team G.P.A
Robert Brown, Cross Country/Track & Field
Erik Konop, Football
Emily Leon, Soccer
Artie Lopez, Baseball
Matelina Maluia, Basketball
Vander Myers, Basketball
Ariana Ordiana, Badminton
Peter Rezk, Soccer
Robert Smith, Cross Country/Track & Field
Denise Vargas, Softball

Matthew Young Named All-SCC Most Valuable Player for Baseball

El Camino College Compton Center’s Tartar baseball team tied for second place with East Los Angeles in the South Coast Conference (SCC) division. Their 13-8 season finish can be attributed, in part, to the outstanding performance of sophomore Matthew Young. Young ranked first in the SCC in nine offensive categories this season including conference hits (53), total bases (77), on-base percentage (.511), slugging percentage (.647), runs scored (31) and batting average (.465). Recently, Young was selected as the All-SCC most valuable player, as well as its offensive player of the year.

Young was not the only member of the Tartar baseball team to post impressive numbers this season. ECC Compton Center placed near or at the top of statistical categories such as batting average, runs scored, runs batted in and bases stolen in conference play this season. As a result, several Tartar baseball players are represented on All-SCC baseball teams.

Freshman designated hitter Pascual Garcia made the All-SCC First Team; sophomore infielder Joseph Williams and freshman Mark Silva, as well as sophomore outfielder and two-time All-SCC player Kyle Gonzaga made the All-SCC second team; and sophomore pitcher Aldo Montoya, sophomore captain and pitcher David Rivera and freshman pitcher Tyray Gatewood received All-SCC honorable mentions. In addition, Joseph Williams (second base) was also named to the All-SCC Defensive Team.

The depth of the team coupled with Young’s high level of skill led the Tartars to exciting victories over several traditional baseball powerhouses. The Tartars finished the conference season with two wins against Long Beach City, two wins against Cerritos, two wins against Mt. San Antonio and a win against Los Angeles Harbor.

In addition, Joseph Williams (second base) was also named to the All-SCC Defensive Team.


If you missed the inaugural edition of the Accreditation Newsletter, click here to learn the latest update on the efforts of the Accreditation Steering Committee

News & notes

Voices of Compton Literary / Arts Journal Event

Students, faculty and staff celebrated the 3rd Annual publication of Voices of Compton, the literary journal of student work. The event, sponsored by the Humanities Division, Academic Affairs Office and Office of Student Life, was a success both in terms of attendance and student excitement.

In total, 75 students’ academic and creative writings and expressions were published. Several students also had the opportunity to present their work. Presenters ranged from poised to passionate in their delivery as they read excerpts from the journal and offered interpretations of the artwork on display.

“For the future, I am thrilled that this event has motivated and inspired other students to create, write, and submit material,” said Ruth Roach, English professor and publication coordinator. “In sum, I think it was a learning and growing experience for the entire community.”

The event was a valuable experience for all participants and especially rewarding for those students whose work was published.

Awards by Category:

Anthony Pittman, First Prize Painting "Jimi Hendrix"

Velatta L. Wilson, Cover Prize “3-D”

Kayla Salisbury, First Prize Drawing “Sunlight in the Tree” and Third Prize Drawing “The Lady”
Malaika Houston, Second Prize Drawing “Self Picture”

Tony McGee, First Prize Sketch “The First Lady”
Lorena Ramos, Second Prize Sketch “Untitled”
Linzy Hicklen, Third Prize Sketch “Man-N-War”
Antoinette B. Nezey, Third Prize Sketch “In Hiding”
Wilfredo Bernal Lemus, Honorable Mention for “Maria”
Brian Macias, Honorable Mention for “Untitled”

Song Lyrics
Kairo Warren, First Prize Song Lyrics “Spaceship Dreams: Victory Lap”

Izzy Micheo, First Prize Poem “Confused Society”
Carrie McClain, Second Prize Poem “I too, am America”
Vicky Wong, Second Prize Poem “I Am”
Precious Hicks, Third Prize Poem “Nature of Love”
Demeris Wycoff, Third Prize Poem “Just Love Me”
Dulce Selene Garcia-Kubota, Honorable Mention for “In Silence”
Ellizabeth Weissmann, Honorable Mention for “How to Be Beautiful”

Short Story
Tamela D. Miles, First Prize Short Story “Breathe”

Spoken Word Art
Timothy Francis, First Prize Spoken Word Art “Man in This Land”
Elizabeth Jackson, First Prize Spoken Word Art “Gone Back”
Alan Gonzalez, Second Prize Spoken Word Art “Man with the Name Unknown”

Kasey Williams, First Prize Essay “Learning Life Lessons by Example”
Summer Dickerson, Second Prize Essay “By Any Means Necessary”
Jeremy Madrid, Third Prize Essay “My Perception”
Timothy Eubanks, Honorable Mention for “Death: A Real Life Event”
Maria Lermas, Honorable Mention for “Great Times with My Dad”

All student and faculty attendees were excited to receive complimentary copies of the latest publication, which is a compilation of sketches, poems, short stories and non-fiction pieces. The 2010-2011 journal is now available for download online at:

2011-2012 ASB Election Results

Students recently went to the polls to cast their votes for the 2011-2012 Associated Student Body (ASB) officers. The votes have been tallied and the results are in. Christian Dominguez, who served as last year’s ASB vice president, was victorious in his bid for president. Micah Pyre-Bowers has been elected as vice president. Charlette Burton will oversee the budget in her role as treasurer, while Amelia Apple will serve as secretary.

Several commissioners were also voted into office, including Kathryn Florimon, Clubs and Organizations; Anesa Nelson, Environment; Desiere Cook, Public Relations; Tiffany Carr, Classes and Curriculum; and Jasmine Haynes, Financial Aid.

There were no candidates for the positions of Student Trustee, Commissioner of Athletics, or Commissioner of Activities. The 2011-2012 ASB council will accept applications for these positions and fill them according to applicant qualifications and interests, as well as the needs of the student body. Once the new ASB council is inducted into office, at the start of the fall 2011 semester, the vacant positions will be filled and the Student Trustee representative will be appointed to the Compton Community College District Board.

Summer/Fall 2011 Registration Dates

Registration for summer and fall 2011 is currently underway for all students. Summer sessions begin June 20, and fall semester begins August 27. Students may register online by visiting and clicking on MyECC.
To view the 2011 summer and fall class schedules, follow this link.

People on the Move: CCCD Personnel Changes and Additions

We wish the best for our retiring faculty and staff who have served ECC Compton Center and our students through their dedication and commitment to education.

Retiring Classified Staff
Carol Robison, Financial Aid Coordinator

For a list of additional retirees, please view the May issue of Center News:

We extend a warm welcome to the new members of our faculty and staff:

New Faculty & Classified Staff
Michael Brennan, Part-time Anatomy Instructor
Timothy Dennis, Part-time Fire Technology Instructor
Deana Johnson, Part-time Fire Technology Instructor
Robert Graham, Manager of Accounting
Naim Williams, Financial Aid Coordinator
Isaac Yang, Part-time Fire Technology Instructor

ASB-Sponsored Health Expo Raises Awareness for Healthy Living

In May, students and members of the local community gathered in the Student Lounge for the annual ASB-sponsored Student Health Expo. The event featured two open mic discussions, moderated by Dr. Ernest Smith, M.D. and Health Instructor Diana Collins, as well as exhibit tables from various health care providers and fitness companies.

The event gave students the opportunity to ask questions, gain valuable health advice and promoted overall healthy living habits. Some of the organizations that were on-hand to provide information about their programs and services included UCLA Care Center, Watts Health Foundation, LA Fitness, Reach LA, 24hr Fitness and Planned Parenthood.

ECC Compton Center Helps Raise Funds & Awareness for Hands Across California

Hands Across California PictureHands Across California (HAC) is an ongoing campaign to raise awareness and scholarship funds for California Community Colleges. On April 17 more than 100 students and community members participated in the event at ECC Compton Center. Assemblyman Warren Furutani, Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, and Los Angeles County Supervisor Representative Mike Gin were also on hand to lend their support.

The Hands Across California event in Compton was successful in its fundraising efforts. A total of $666 was collected online and on-site. The Foundation for the Compton Community College District raised over $160,000 and the teachers union has agreed to make a $3,000 donation. Thanks to a commitment from The Bernard Osher Foundation, every dollar raised will receive a 50 percent match that will be donated to the California Community Colleges Scholarship Endowment.

Nursing Students Sponsor Blood Drive

ECC Compton Center’s Associate Degree Nursing program sponsored an American Red Cross blood drive for two days in May. Students in the nursing program are sensitive to the fact that the need for blood is constant, and in response organized the blood drive to help ensure that a safe and stable blood supply is available for people in need. In total, 76 productive units of blood were collected over the course of two days. These units will help save approximately 231 lives.

Campus Watch: Join the Challenge!

All ECC Compton Center students, employees and visitors have the right to a safe, crime-free college environment. To ensure everyone’s safety, ECC Compton Center established the Campus Watch program. Campus Watch is a way to proactively reduce crime, but in order for the program to work to its full potential, an increase in membership is needed.

Members of Campus Watch help create a safer environment for themselves and others by acquiring skills on how to recognize and report potentially dangerous situations.


  • A tense situation that is about to blow up

  • Any unusual noise you can’t explain (screams, breaking glass, etc.)

  • Emergencies: fire, accident, critically ill person

  • Someone forced into a car or a van

  • Property taken out of a room/office that is not occupied

  • Broken glass/windows

  • Abandoned vehicles

  • Anyone hanging around an office/hallway/building with no clear purpose

  • Someone looking in the windows of parked car

There are two area Campus Watch groups at Compton Center. Zone 1 covers the Math/Science area and volunteers meet the first Tuesday of every month in the Math/Science building at 1:00 p.m. Zone 2 covers the Vocational/Technical/Athletic areas of campus and volunteers meet the second Thursday of every month at the Vocational Technology building at 1:00 p.m. Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to attend a Campus Watch monthly meeting and be part of the solution to reducing crime.

2011 ARCC Released

Please take a moment to read the recently released 2011 Accountability Report for the Community Colleges (ARCC). The report measures systemwide performance indicators in four main areas: Degree/Certificate/Transfer; Vocational/Workforce Development; Improvement in Basic Skills; and Participation Rates. This year, the report shows the performance indicators for ECC Compton Center have increased or remained stable in all but one area: persistence rate. ARCC highlights for ECC Compton Center include:

  • In response to the lower than average persistence rate, a special effort was recently inaugurated to encourage continuing students to register and apply for financial aid early and to stay on track to achieve their goals.

  • The basic skills improvement rate is now well above the peer group average, with a much higher percentage of students in the most recent cohort of basic skills reading, writing and math showing successful progress to higher levels.

  • Performance rates remain the peer group lows for four of the seven ARCC indicators. However, three of these involve cohorts that began before the accreditation revocation and therefore less accurately reflect the performance and progress of current students.

  • The ESL improvement rate involves extremely small numbers of students due to a unique population of ESL students who are predominantly non-credit status (and are thus excluded from the rate). Compton Center is expanding the credit ESL program to better serve community needs with proactive steps such as encouraging non-credit students to take the placement exam for credit courses, as appropriate.

The full ARCC report may be viewed online; ECC Compton Center begins on page 182.