Vice President's Message

Barbara Perez
As we continue our work toward independent accreditation, there are some important updates to note. In November representatives from the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), accreditation visiting team conducted a follow-up visit to El Camino College, including the Compton Center. The team met with committees and individuals at both locations to discuss progress on the commission’s four recommendations and two concerns. We reported to the team the details of our work throughout the year to address issues such as student learning outcomes (SLOs), planning, program review, and budget allocation, as stated in the recommendations. The ACCJC accreditation team prepared a formal follow-up report which is reviewed by the Accrediting Commission at their January 2011 meeting. Once we receive the official ACCJC report, we will share the results in Center News, as well as on the website.

The Accreditation Steering Committee (ASC) met recently and identified five subcommittees to assess and respond to the 21 eligibility criteria for accreditation. Subcommittee co-chairs have finalized their subcommittee membership, and each subcommittee has met at least once.  

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CEO's Message

Dr. Lawrence M. Cox
A new Compton District publication, “Brick by Brick: The Road to Accreditation,” was recently distributed throughout our community. This document is an important element of a larger accreditation communications plan.

It has been presented and discussed at local meetings, including a Community Town Hall Meeting held at the Greater Zion Church in December, and the December Compton Center Campuswide meeting. In January we hosted the Concerned Citizens of Compton in the Student Lounge where this new publication and our latest FCMAT report were reviewed.

If you have not yet had a chance to read this informative publication, I encourage you to do so. It is available online in flip book format here. Hard copies are also available through my office.

The Compton Community College District continues to work with our partners from El Camino College to bring an accredited college back to Compton. Overviews of our plan to achieve accreditation are described in the “Brick by Brick: The Road to Accreditation” document. As we all know, teamwork is necessary to make the process to accreditation successful. El Camino College Compton Center employees will need to work together with 100 percent effort by everyone.

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