Vice President's Message
Barbara Perez

Thank you to everyone who attended the November 29 Accreditation Forum. For those unable to participate, a summary follows.

The ECC Compton Center Accreditation Steering Committee (ASC) and its five subcommittees have been working diligently since November 2010 to review, assess and respond to the various Eligibility Criteria. Subcommittee members developed three levels of assessment for each of the eligibility criteria: criteria met, criteria not met, or criteria partially met.

Submittal of the Eligibility Application and supporting documentation to the ACCJC is the first phase of the process to accreditation. As it stands right now, of the 21 Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) Eligibility Criteria:  16 criteria have been met; one criterion will be met when the Eligibility Application is filed; the Student Learning and Achievement criterion is partially met; and the Financial Resources, Financial Accountability, and Institutional Planning and Evaluation criteria have not yet been met.  

The Financial Integrity eligibility criteria not currently meeting the ACCJC’s standards is due, in part, to the Compton Community College District’s (CCCD) 26 audit findings from the 2010-2011 audit. The District has been working to resolve these findings under the leadership of CBO Felipe Lopez, hired last year.

Once the District receives its 2011-2012 audit results, an assessment will be made in January 2012, to determine whether or not the CCCD meets the ACCJC fiscal eligibility requirements. If the answer is yes, the eligibility proposal will be submitted in fall 2013/spring 2014; if the answer is no, the process for submitting the Eligibility Application will be postponed for one year.

A lot of progress has been made, but there is still much work to do. We all must work together to get the work done to meet the eligibility requirements, and we must be able to show documented evidence for ECC Compton Center.

Since the last public Accreditation Forum in October 2011, there have been many positive accomplishments in the Center’s progress toward achieving accreditation:

  • A Comprehensive Master Plan has been completed, which includes the Educational Master Plan, Facilities Master Plan, and a Technology Master Plan.
  • Significant progress has been made in assessing Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs).
  • State-Funded construction projects are underway.
  • The District business office was reorganized with three key positions filled, including a new CBO and accounting director.
  • An administrative capacity plan has been developed.
  • The CEO job description was revised, linking accountability for some process to accreditation milestones.

The most recent “Process to Accreditation” document and other information relative to accreditation may be found at ECC Compton Center’s website: The “Process to Accreditation” report provides an overview of the actions required for ECC Compton Center to progress toward accreditation eligibility.

In addition to Accreditation Eligibility, ECC Compton Center students, faculty, staff and managers are also participating in the upcoming Self-Evaluation for El Camino College. The El Camino College Accreditation Self-Evaluation Team, with co-chairs from both ECC and CEC, is in place and ready to provide leadership for this important process. Although the Accreditation Self-Evaluation cycle begins this fall for ECC in preparation for the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges’ Team Visit in October 2014, it is an ongoing process for all colleges and universities. It is critical for ECC Compton Center students and employees to participate in this process. There are 10 Self Evaluation Committees. (Compton Center’s standards co-chairs are underlined at this link.)

In closing, on behalf of the ECC Compton Center, have a safe and enjoyable holiday season. See you all in 2013!

Student Success

ECC Compton Center Student Uses the Programs and Services as a Springboard for Transfer Success

Shelby WhiteShelby White is an English major at El Camino College Compton Center who plans to transfer to the University of Southern California this spring. During her time at ECC Compton Center, White has taken advantage of every opportunity to become involved in extracurricular activities and make herself a strong transfer candidate.

“Since high school, my dream has been to go to USC. In order to make my dream a reality, I participated in the Trojan Transfer Plan in order to keep me on track with my course of study,” said White.

White followed her mother’s recommendation and enrolled at ECC Compton Center in the summer of 2011 after not getting accepted to USC right out of high school. “As a former employee of the Compton Unified School District, my mom had worked alongside ECC Compton Center faculty and staff and knew that I would be in good hands,” said White.
Determined to transfer to USC, White decided to take a different approach to school at ECC Compton Center than she had as a student at Calvary Chapel Downey Christian School. White was reluctant to get involved in student activities in high school, but immersed herself in them at ECC Compton Center. She has served as a student ambassador helping with ECC Compton Center’s Outreach Program; currently holds the office of Associated Student Body Commissioner of Financial Aid; and has also participated in the Northern California College Tour and First Year Experience program.

“ECC Compton Center’s First Year Experience program really enhanced my ability to transfer to USC in a year and a half by helping me to get the classes and tutoring I needed,” said White.
Passionate about reading and writing, White is a student who is as equally visible online as she is at school. She blogs about college life for and plans to continue writing for the site while at USC.

White encourages other students to explore the many programs, services and workshops that ECC Compton Center provides. “All of the resources really work and are in place to help students succeed,” she said.

Once at USC, White plans to maximize her university experience by pursuing a double major in creative writing and film. “Looking ahead, I would like to work in film, but write on the side,” said White. “My ultimate dream is to write a novel and have it turned into a movie.”

‘Compton Commitment’ Helps Increase Transfer Rates at Compton Center and Paves the Way to Higher Education

El Camino College Compton Center alumna Phoenicia Preston admits that a new level of work is expected in her classes this fall at California State University, Dominguez Hills, but is quick to add that she feels more than prepared to handle it.

Preston is one of more than 80 ECC Compton Center students admitted to CSUDH for the fall 2012 semester. This number has more than doubled since the 2010-2011 school year thanks in part to a collaborative effort between El Camino College Compton Center, Compton Unified School District and CSUDH called the Compton Commitment.

The Compton Commitment was established in 2010 and is providing a framework for increasing local student enrollment numbers at both ECC Compton Center, as well as CSUDH. Through a combination of workshops, campus visits and meetings with college representatives, the pathway to higher education is being illuminated for current high school and ECC Compton Center students.

ECC Compton Center believes that more initiatives and programs like this are needed to boost student success and transfer rates at community colleges.  According to California’s community college system, only about a third of community college students who say they want to earn an associate degree, earn a certificate, or transfer to a four-year school manage to do that within six years; the numbers are lower for Latino and African American students, just 25 percent. This at a time when analysts say California is facing a shortfall of college graduates.

Preston, who was returning to school after spending several years between high school and college working as a bus driver, learned about the Compton Commitment through ECC Compton Center’s Transfer Center. She was eager to participate and earn guaranteed admission to CSUDH. “The parts of the Compton Commitment that impacted me most were signing the contract guaranteeing my admission to CSUDH, as long as I took the right classes, and the regular visits with CSUDH counselors to keep me on track,” says Preston
Part of the Compton Commitment includes encouraging students to apply for ECC Compton Center’s First Year Experience (FYE) program. The FYE program is designed to help students be successful in their first year of college by providing a unique learning community that includes essential educational and career services.

“We are looking for all types of students to make the Compton Commitment, those who are high risk and those who are high achieving,” says Ricky Shabazz, Dean of Student Services at ECC Compton Center. “One of the jewels of the Compton Commitment is that it provides a pipeline for us to work with high school counselors and teachers to identify students early on who would benefit from our FYE program.”

Preston agrees that the Compton Commitment has the potential to make higher education a viable option for more local students. “It might influence students who have come to ECC Compton Center for a certificate to instead graduate with an associate degree and transfer to CSUDH. The Compton Commitment is providing the training wheels and extra push that students in the community, like me, need to succeed,” she says.

According to the 2012 Accountability Report for the Community Colleges (ARCC), the most improved performance indicator for ECC Compton Center was the persistence rate, which is the percentage of students who enroll in a second full term. Since 2007, all California Community Colleges have been required to report accountability data to the California Legislature in accordance with AB 1417.

This improvement measured in the ARCC data can be attributed to special efforts being made to encourage continuing students to register and apply for financial aid early, and to stay on track through programs like the Compton Commitment to achieve their goals. Overall results from the 2012 ARCC performance indicators show that ECC Compton Center students are progressing, graduating and transferring at higher rates than in the past.

Plans are already in motion at ECC Compton Center to engage more students in the Compton Commitment. In the future, counselors and administrators would like to forge similar agreements with other four-year institutions. Between the contract and constant feedback and monitoring from college counselors, students are staying focused while saving valuable time and money.

El Camino College Compton Center Announces 2012-2013 Student Council

Students at El Camino College Compton Center recently elected their Associated Student Body (ASB) Officers for the 2012-2013 academic year. Through weekly meetings, which are open to all students, the elected officers coordinate student activities, determine how ASB funds will be allocated, and represent student views on important ECC Compton Center issues.

In conjunction with the Office of Student Life, several special programs are sponsored annually by the ASB including, Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Homecoming King and Queen competitions, Academic Awards Tea, and the ASB Awards Banquet.

ECC Compton Center’s 2012-2013 elected ASB Officers are:

President: Michawn Browning
Vice President: Carlos Ornelas
Treasurer: Miguel Quintero
Secretary: Lindsay Almanza
Commissioner of Clubs and Organizations: Carol Hernandez
Commissioner of Activities: Sandra Coleman
Commissioner of Public Relations: Gloria Fitts
Commissioner of Environment: Emmanuel Mujica
Commissioner of Financial Aid: Shelby White
Commissioner of Classes and Curriculum: Joseph Romero-Reyes

The eligibility requirements to hold an ASB office include enrollment in 10 class hours per week, a minimum GPA of 2.0 and completion of fewer than 70 units. Elections are held each spring semester.

Accreditation news

Accreditation News

Accreditation Self-Evaluation Team co-chairs are looking for volunteers to help prepare for the self-evaluation cycle that culminates with the Accredit­ing Commission for Community and Junior Colleges’ team visit in October 2014. Accreditation is an ongoing process for all colleg­es and universities – as part of our college culture, we are constantly evaluating and researching ways to be more effective and contribute to increased student success. The self-evaluation process gives us the opportunity to bring this information together, while documenting evidence that shows improvement and effectiveness. All ECC employees are invited to participate; campuswide input is needed for this important endeavor. If interested in volunteering, click here for a list of standards and co-chairs.

In other accreditation news: The follow-up visit from the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) took place on November 14. The visit was in regard to ECC’s mid-term accreditation report. The commission will discuss findings from the visit at its January 2012 meeting and we will receive a report following that meeting.  

facilities NEWS

Artesia Entrance will continue as one-way, entry only; Construction begins in Parking Lot F

As we continue work to improve the grounds and facilities at the ECC Compton Center, there will be some inconveniences along the way. Please note that access to Compton Center will be continually modified as part of the ongoing infrastructure projects and construction.

  • Artesia Blvd. Entrance will continue to be One-Way Entry

The Artesia Blvd. entrance to ECC Compton Center will continue to be a one-way, entry only; and is now one lane (on the western side of the road divider). The Greenleaf Ave. entrances and the designated entries from the east along the campus main roadway may continue to be used to enter and exit.


  • Parking Lot A Reopens, while Lots D, E & F Close - Monday, December 17

Beginning December 17, Parking Lot A will reopen for student parking.

Lots D, E and F will close for construction. Staff parking only, will be relocated along the main roadway; and handicap parking spaces will be added in the lot in front of the Learning Resources Center.

  • Construction Begins Between Row Buildings - Monday, December 17

The walkway to the west of the row buildings, as well as the grassy areas between Row Buildings C through G will be closed due to construction. The walkways in front of the Row Buildings will remain open for access to classrooms and offices.

Please be careful around the construction areas. Notices will be posted if any classroom reassignments are made.

A map outlining the construction areas and closures is available here.

For more information regarding this construction project, please call 310-660-3100. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work to improve the Compton Community College District.

MIS/Data Server Building Opens with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

MIS Ribbon CuttingThe Compton Community College District (CCCD) held a ribbon cutting and tour of the newly renovated MIS/Data Server Building on Nov. 13. During the event, guests were invited to take a tour of the building to see first-hand the improvements that have been made.

The MIS/Data Server Building renovation project is supported by the 2002 Measure CC facilities bond funds. The project included reprogramming and improvements to the MIS Building to provide for technology growth and data needs for existing and future CCCD facilities.

CCCD Five-Year Construction Plan Approved by the Special Trustee

Special Trustee Thomas Henry recently approved the five-year construction plan for the Compton Community College District. The plan provides a complete summary of the capital improvement needs and construction projects for the CCCD. The Community College Construction Act of 1980 requires that this report be submitted to the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges for review and evaluation.

The plan Includes:

  • Master Plan, Energy Plan and Facility Plan Summary
  • List of projects in order of priority
  • Cumulative capacities and loads for the five types of space
  • The capacity of existing on-campus facilities
  • Initial Project Proposals (IPPs) and Final Project Proposals (FPPs) for each undertaking, as well as descriptions and space changes affected by each proposal.

The five-year construction plan actually spans a total of seven years including 2012, 2013 and
2014-2018. It is based upon the comprehensive Facilities Master Plan, which was approved by the Special Trustee at the July 2012 Board meeting, following review by District stakeholders at the CCCD and in the community. Projects outlined in the five-year construction plan are needed to update infrastructure, instructional methods and equipment, as well as to address safety and environmental requirements.

To view the five-year construction plan in its entirety, please click here.

CCCD Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony for Second Phase of Infrastructure Upgrade Project

GroundbreakingThe Compton Community College District held a groundbreaking ceremony for phase 2 of the infrastructure replacement project on October 16, 2012. The groundbreaking took place in the Rose Garden behind Building F.

The infrastructure replacement phase 2 project is supported by Measure CC facilities bond and state funds. This project will replace the underground utilities necessary to provide power, water, gas, and sewer service to all existing and planned facilities, as well as bring District facilities into compliance with regional water quality requirements.

The second phase of the utility infrastructure replacement project involves new sanitary sewer and storm drain piping; installation of new catch basins and underground storm drainage; new underground distribution systems for chilled water and natural gas; a new fire system and fire hydrants; security cameras; underground distribution of fiber-optics, copper and 5KV; parking lot and walkway lighting; repaving of main entry road from the Administration Building to Greenleaf Ave.; and new fencing/gates and landscaping along the east side of District grounds.

The groundbreaking ceremony was open to the public and members of the community came together to support this important milestone for the District.

District News

Thousands of Thanksgiving Meals Served at MLB Urban Youth Academy

On November 22, the Major League Baseball (MLB) Academy partnered with the Compton Community College District, the City of Compton, and local businesses to provide turkey and trimmings for thousands in Compton. The Thanksgiving meal was funded through a $10,000 donation to the Mozel Sanders Foundation and served by young baseball players from the MLB Urban Youth Academy at the organization’s 10-acre facility on the grounds of the Compton Community College District (CCCD).

Volunteers from the CCCD, the City of Compton, as well as local businesses and community leaders, served more than 5,000 meals on Thanksgiving Day.


Foundation for the CCCD Reaches Osher Scholarhip Endowment Goal and Looks Toward Future

One of the main goals of the Foundation for the Compton Community College District (FCCCD) since its establishment in 2009 is to help maintain and expand educational programs and services through financial support, scholarships and other needed resources. To further this mission, the Foundation participated in a historic fundraising campaign for the largest-ever scholarship endowment—the Osher Initiative for California Community College Students.

Initially, the Foundation set a goal to raise $146,000 before June 30, 2011, in order to be eligible for a 50 percent match from the Bernard Osher Foundation. Ultimately, the FCCCD surpassed that goal and raised more than $190,000 toward the Osher Scholarship Endowment, an amount that was increased by the 50 percent match from the Osher Foundation. The endowment funds will be used to provide future scholarship support and since 2009, the FCCCD has distributed over 100 scholarships to ECC Compton Center students through its fundraising efforts.

The Foundation continues to make great strides in fundraising by strategically aligning itself with community members and area businesses. Specifically, the FCCCD would like to recognize Southern California Edison, Wells Fargo Bank, Arthur Q. Tyler Scholarship, Danny McDonald Memorial Scholarship, Stephanie Cooper Aspiring Teacher Memorial Scholarship and Robert Spiecker Memorial Scholarship for pledging support to the scholarship program.

In 2010, a Textbook Fund was established to help offset the increasing cost of textbooks for students, who may now use the Lending Library at ECC Compton Center where books are available for more than 30 courses. In 2012, the Foundation set a goal to raise $45,000 toward the Textbook Fund, and asked for faculty and staff support, to be able to distribute book vouchers to eligible students with financial need.

The Foundation is also seeking to provide additional support, beyond traditional scholarships, through a variety of initiatives. Community members may also donate to the CEO’s Circle with a minimum annual unrestricted gift of $1,500, as well as make donations specifically to the Tartar Athletics Program and Fine Arts Department.

The FCCCD is dedicated to addressing the challenges that the State of California has imposed on the District, and the communities it serves, through continued decreases in funding for education. One solution is through donations to the Foundation from businesses and individuals. Together as a community we can help every single student reach their full potential.

To make a donation, please contact Kim Baker Stanback at the FCCCD at 310-900-1600, Ext. 2971 or via email to

CCCD’s Interim CEO Keith Curry Hosts Series of Community Roundtable Discussions

In an effort to engage community members in District Affairs, Interim CEO Keith Curry hosted a series of CEO Roundtable Discussions this semester. Curry’s presentations are open to all residents served by the CCCD with the intention of working to build a better understanding of the partnership, its successes and its ultimate goal.

The most recent roundtable discussions took place:

  • October 3 at the Progress Park West Auditorium, Paramount
  • October 11 at the Compton Unified School District Board Room, Compton
  • October 18 at the Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum, Compton

Curry’s presentations cover a number of topics of interests, including the process to accreditation, newly adopted trustee area map, facilities master plan, and community participation in governance opportunities. Each roundtable discussion is followed by a question and answer session.

To develop open communication, support, and a better understanding of District operations and issues it faces, the District believes more community participation is necessary. In addition to the CEO roundtable discussions, the CCCD Community Participation in Governance initiative invites community groups to sit at the dais during board meetings and become involved in deliberation, dialogue and action on issues they are concerned about. To participate, groups may contact Office of the Interim CEO at 310-900-1600, Ext. 2000.

News & Notes

Mexican-American Author Melinda Palacio Visits ECC Compton Center

Melinda PalacioMelinda Palacio is a journalist, novelist and poet who will speak to students at El Camino College Compton Center at 11:30 a.m. on November 1 in the Student Lounge. Palacio will discuss how her life journey, which includes growing up in South Central Los Angeles and working in Chandler, Arizona during the city’s 1997 migrant sweeps, has inspired her writing. The complimentary event is open to the public, and will also include a Q&A, book signing and refreshments.
Palacio’s book of poetry titled “Folsom Lockdown” won the Kulupi Press Sense of Place award and was written after she visited her father in prison. She is also authored two other books; “Ocotillo Dreams,” a contemporary novel about immigration in Arizona published in 2011, and “How Fire is a Story, Waiting,” a collection of poems published in 2012.

Palacio holds two degrees in comparative literature, a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley and an M.A. from the University of California, Santa Cruz. In 2007, she was named a PEN Center USA Emerging Voices fellow, which provided her with mentoring and master classes at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Currently, Palacio splits her time between Santa Barbara, Calif., and New Orleans, La. In between writing books, Palacio serves as co-editor of Ink Byte magazine and as a columnist for La Bloga.

Co-sponsors of the ECC Compton Center event are: Academic Affairs, the English Department and the Office of Student Life.

ECC Compton Center to Practice Earthquake Preparedness During Great California ShakeOut

ShakeOutEl Camino College Compton Center joined millions of Californians on October 18 at 10:18 a.m. for the Great California Shakeout. This was the fifth annual Great California ShakeOut, which has become the world’s largest earthquake drill.

The Great California ShakeOut provides training on how to get ready for an earthquake, stay protected during an earthquake, as well as what to do when the shaking stops. At ECC Compton Center, the El Camino College Police Department will help coordinate this event. An alert will sound at the designated time and all students, faculty and staff are instructed to remain where they are while practicing how to Drop to the floor, Take Cover under a sturdy object, and Hold On until the earthquake is over. ECC Compton Center will also use this opportunity to practice its evacuation plan after the earthquake drill.

The Great California ShakeOut began in 2008 in Southern California as an effort on behalf of scientists and emergency managers to inform the public about earthquake preparedness. It is coordinated by the Earthquake County Alliance.

General information and quake-safe tips may be found at

Safety Reminder

El Camino College Police would like to remind everyone to take an active role in keeping yourself safe while at ECC Compton Center. Police advise students, faculty and staff to walk in a group (or at least with one other person) at night, use the courtesy shuttle service, and put away distracting items such as music listening devices and cell phones.

Courtesy Shuttle
A courtesy shuttle is currently available to students, faculty and staff in the evenings, Monday-Saturday, from 5:30 - 10:30 p.m. Please call the campus police at 310-660-3100, to arrange for pick-up. Please note: the courtesy shuttle operates at ECC Compton Center only; it cannot leave the Center.

Important Safety Reminders

  • Have keys in hand before walking to your car
  • Always be aware of your surroundings – remember the use of electronic music  listening devices and cell phones may significantly distract you
  • Don’t walk alone – use the buddy system
  • In an emergency, contact campus police by calling 911 from any pay phone on  campus; or by calling 310-660-3100 from a cell phone
  • Night students and faculty are encouraged to park in the same general area as other faculty or students with night classes in their building; this provides the opportunity for a group of students and faculty to walk to their cars after dark
  • Immediately report any suspicious activity to campus police