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Metro U-Pass

Cover of El Camino College U-pass flyer

Click on the image above for a PDF flyer.

What are the benefits of a Metro U-Pass?

  • Compton College students who purchase a Metro U-Pass will be able to ride on the Metro, including Metro Express Buses and the Metro Silver Line, as well as the GTrans (Gardena bus lines), Long Beach Transit and Torrance Transit.
  • In comparison to a Metro 30-Day Pass with Zones, the Metro U-Pass is 69% cheaper. It is also valid for rides on GTrans, as well as Long Beach and Torrance transit lines, unlike the Metro 30-Day Pass.
  • The Metro U-Pass will cover public transportation costs on the Metro, GTrans, and Long Beach and Torrance transit lines throughout the fall 2017 semester and winter 2018 term, as well as the beginning of spring 2018 semester.

Who is eligible?

  • Compton College students enrolled in a minimum of six units for the fall 2017 semester
  • Students may combine units from El Camino College to meet eligibility requirements

When and where can I purchase a Metro U-Pass?

Beginning August 23, 2017, students may go to the Bursar's Office (C-36) to purchase a Fall 2017/Winter 2018 Metro U-Pass.

How do I purchase a Metro U-Pass?

  • Obtain a free Compton College Student ID card at the Office of Student Life (R-61).
  • Complete the Compton College U-Pass Student Information Form.
  • Print or show the form completion screen on your smart device to the cashier.
  • Log into MyECC and print or take a screenshot of your class schedule that shows you are enrolled in six or more units (waitlisted classes not included).
  • Print or show your class schedule on your smart device to the cashier.
  • Purchase the Metro U-Pass from the Bursar's Office. (Cash, check, credit cards accepted.)
  • Place the Metro U-Pass sticker on your Compton College (or ECC) Student ID card.

How much does the Metro U-Pass cost?

Metro U-Pass pricing varies depending on date of purchase. See chart below for the prorated price sheet.

Compton College U-Pass Spring 2018 prices
Reminder there is an additional $2 sticker fee.

May I use my financial aid to purchase a Metro U-Pass?

Yes! Once students receive their financial aid disbursement, they may use their funding to purchase education-related expenses, including transportation costs.

What happens if my Metro U-Pass is lost or stolen?

  • Go the Office of Student Life to get a free replacement Student ID card
  • Go to the Bursar's Office to get a replacement U-Pass sticker for $2
  • The Bursar's Office will deactivate the lost U-Pass sticker

Additional Information

  • For more information about the Metro U-Pass at Compton College, contact the Bursar's Office (C-36) 310-900-1600, ext. 2104
  • For information about how to use the Metro U-Pass to register for the Metro's Bike Program, visit https://www.metro.net/riding/bikes/.
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