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Compton College / Campus Information / Accreditation / Accreditation Steering Committee Members

Senior Administrators

  • Keith Curry, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Compton Community College District
  • Barbara Perez, Vice President, El Camino College Compton Center     
  • Francisco Arce, Vice President, Academic Affairs, El Camino College    
  • Jo Ann Higdon, Vice President, Administrative Services, El Camino College  
  • Jeanie Nishime, Vice President, Student and Community Advancement, El Camino College
  • Daniel Villaneuva, Chief Business Officer, Compton Community College District



  • Ann Garten, Director of Community Relations, El Camino College
  • Rachelle Sasser, Dean, Human Resources, Compton Community College District
  • David Vakil, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs (ECC Compton Center, Interim)



  • Saul Panski, CCCD Academic Senate President and Faculty Council Chairperson, History
  • Chelvi Subramaniam, Humanities Division Chair, English
  • Michael Odanaka (ex-officio), CCCD Academic Senate President-elect, EOPS counselor



  • Andrew Krynicki, Accounting



  • Tiffany Carr   


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