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Message from the PRESIDENT/CEO

MAY 2018

As the 2017-18 academic year comes to a close, Compton College is proud to welcome Pedro Pizarro, President and CEO of Edison International, as the keynote speaker at the 12th Annual Commencement Ceremony on June 7, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. This will be the first commencement ceremony at Compton College since it was officially named the 114th California Community College through a unanimous vote by the Board of Governors in June 2017.

Summer online registration begins May 15 and the schedule is now available online here. The first six-week and eight-week summer sessions begin June 18 and the second six-week session begins July 2. Please encourage students to get ahead this summer by taking a class or two. Benefits to completing a class during the summer include: graduate faster, class completion in a shorter time period, personalized learning due to smaller class size, maintaining a study routine, and getting ahead with general education requirements


We are following the timeline for completion of our next and final step, which includes the El Camino Community College and the Compton Community College districts submitting a Substantive Change Proposal to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) requesting the Compton District assume authority over Compton College. The goal is to submit the Substantive Change Proposal to ACCJC by August 1, 2018, and a draft of the Substantive Change Proposal is available here. Two forums were conducted on April 24 and May 8 to discuss the Compton College Substantive Change Proposal.

2018-2019 Compton College Overarching Priorities

As a part of the annual Compton Community College District and Compton College budget development process, a set of Overarching Priorities are established for the organization. The 2018-2019 Overarching Priorities are linked to the 2017-2022 Compton College Strategic Goals and Objectives (see page 15 of the Comprehensive Master Plan). Approved on April 25, 2018 by the Consultative Council, the Overarching Priorities will guide the institution's planning for the 2018-2019 year.

El Camino College/Compton College Transition

Compton College began implementation of the Ellucian Banner System the week of March 26, 2018, and our goal is to have the new system fully implemented by spring 2019. The tentative implementation timeline is available here. Compton College is also in the process of implementing the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) PeopleSoft system for budget, requisitions, purchasing, and accounts payable. The goal is to implement the PeopleSoft system for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

During the next couple of weeks, Compton College will begin transitioning employees to compton.edu email addresses. Administrators and staff will transition this spring semester, while Compton College faculty will transition to the compton.edu email addresses in April/May of 2019. This transition is associated with the Microsoft Office 365 implementation for Compton Community College District.

The El Camino College/Compton College Transition Committee has been working together on implementing action items cited in the Partnership Transition Plan document, which is our internal planning document for the El Camino College/Compton College Transition. The next El Camino College/Compton College Transition committee meeting is scheduled for June 5, 2018, at 2:30 p.m. in the Compton College Administration Building Boardroom.

Compton College Guided Pathways Multi-Year Plan

The Tartar Focused and Directed Pathways to Completion Task Force has worked diligently this semester creating and developing the Compton College Guided Pathways Multi-Year Plan. Compton College's initial Guided Pathways Multi-Year Plan was submitted to the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office on March 30, 2018.

The multi-year plan, focused on Guided Pathways, is a planning framework for Compton College to bring together and scale effective programs, services, and activities that include all students. The Guided Pathways approach requires a whole-college transformational reform, which entails a breaking-down of silos and more dynamic collaboration between faculty, administrators and staff. The Guided Pathways framework will help the Compton College integrate the best aspects of all the initiatives and transition efforts into cohesive strategies that help more students get to and through college.

Funding to implement the first four of 13 key elements of the multi-year plan is expected to be released sometime this month. Guided Pathways inquiry, design and implementation efforts are being funded through summer 2022. In an effort to maintain the scheduled multi-year plan and ensure all Guided Pathways activities are aligned, and data is accounted for, the positions of Dean of Counseling and Guided Pathways and an Enrollment Analyst are recommended to be paid for with Guided Pathways funds and 2018-19 unrestricted funds.

Compton College Enrollment Update

For the 2017-18 fiscal year, Compton College Full-Time Equivalent Students (FTES) goal is 6,060. To meet its enrollment goal, Compton College will have to borrow 770 FTES from summer 2018. Compton College met its winter 2018 enrollment goal of 288 FTES; however, we did not achieve the spring 2018 enrollment goal of 2,221 FTES. As part of the enrollment management plan, we added additional classes for the winter session.

Compton College will continue to monitor its revised Five-Year FTES projections and our revised 2013-2018 FTES Projections and Actuals, and will continue to implement strategies cited in the 2015-2018 Compton College Enrollment Management Plan.

Also, the following strategies have or will be implemented to increase enrollment at Compton College for summer 2018:

  1. News releases: regarding priority registration deadline, summer registration, classes available, as well as the Compton College Promise program.
  2. Free social media: daily/weekly posts on Twitter and Facebook regarding priority registration, summer sessions, classes available and the Compton College Promise program.
  3. Fee payment deadline reminders to be emailed Monday, May 21, 2018, and Monday, June 4, 2018, to notify/remind currently enrolled students of the fee payment deadlines and the repercussions of not paying on time.
  4. Priority Registration postcard mailed to all in-District high school seniors (March 2018) – Compton, Lynwood and Paramount Unified High School Districts.
  5. Senior Day postcard to be mailed to all in-District high school seniors (April 2018) – Compton, Lynwood and Paramount Unified High School Districts.
  6. Summer postcard to be mailed by to all CCCD residents (May 2018) –including the July 14, 2018 Compton Community College District Community Meeting (approx. 212,000 residents).
  7. High School Newsletter to be mailed to all 2018 in-District juniors and seniors (May/June 2018) – Compton, Lynwood and Paramount Unified High School Districts.
  8. Online and print advertising (April-June 2018): ads targeting reverse/transfer students from four-year colleges and universities, promoting summer classes (CSU Dominguez Hills, CSU Los Angeles, CSU Long Beach, CSU Northridge, UC Irvine, and UCLA).
  9. Print ads (April-June 2018): targeting high school juniors, seniors and parents scheduled in Long Beach, Paramount, and Bellflower "School News" newspapers.
  10. Paid social media ads: to be scheduled via Facebook and Instagram for summer registration (May-June 2018).
  11. Emails are targeting current Compton College students who have not yet applied or registered for summer classes, as well as summer 2018 applicants who have not yet registered (May-June 2018).
  12. Billboard ad (May-June 2018).
  13. Movie theater ads - on-screen and online (June 2018) – Carson, Downey, and South Gate theaters.
  14. Emails and telephone calls to students who applied but have not registered for summer 2018.
  15. Extended Opportunity Programs & Services/Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE), CalWORKs, and the Special Resource Center are phone calling students who were enrolled in their programs in spring 2018 to remind them to enroll in classes for summer 2018.

Compton College Curriculum Development

The Compton College Curriculum Committee continues to meet regularly each month on the first and third Tuesdays. All three of the Compton College academic divisions have indicated which courses to adopt from El Camino College, and the data migration into the Compton College CurricUNET has begun. Adopting curriculum that makes up the certificates and degrees from El Camino College is not solely the task of Academic Affairs rather the entire Compton College community. On March 6, 2018, Compton College counselors attended the academic division meetings to introduce and lead a discussion about Guided Pathways Meta-majors. Subsequently, these discussions have evolved into the creation of Curriculum Daze: when space, time, and great minds come together to build the new Compton College through the Guided Pathways Framework leading to student success. On March 30, 2018, the academic deans and counselors made a presentation during the first Curriculum Daze event, including the topics:

  • What is Guided Pathways?
  • How to develop a Student Education Plan that leads to completion?
  • CurricUNET Demonstration

The first Curriculum Daze event was well attended by Compton College wefaculty and produced an unbelievable synergy around curriculum and Guided Pathways. The next Curriculum Daze event is scheduled on May 18, 2018. Another key component of the El Camino College/Compton College Transition is the development of the Compton College curriculum, and our goal is to submit the Compton College curriculum to the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office by June 30, 2018.

Tartar Support Network

Compton College is working toward being the leading institution to address community college students' housing and food insecurity. During the past year, we established the Tartar Support Network to address our students needs. The Tartar Support Network has implemented the Tartar Food Pantry and has developed procedures to address students' use of showers on campus. Last month, I agreed to serve as the co-chair of the Community College League of California Chief Executive Officers Housing and Food Insecurity task force. Serving as the co-chair of this task force will provide me with an opportunity to lead a statewide conversation on this very important topic.

At its March 13, 2018 meeting, the Compton Community College District Board of Trustees approved Resolution No. 03-13-2018A – Support for Student Residential Housing. The Compton District Board of Trustees supports the exploration of opportunities to build residential housing at Compton College for its students. At the request of the Compton District Board of Trustees, we worked with Gensler Architecture to complete a Compton College Residential Housing Study. This study was shared with statewide elected officials, and they are very interested in our next steps on Student Residential Housing. In the coming weeks, the Tartar Support Network will meet with Gensler Architecture to further develop our plan for implementing and funding Student Residential Housing at Compton College.

Real#114 Housing and Food Insecurity Conference

Compton College will host the Real#114 Housing and Food Insecurity Conference on December 7, 2018. The keynote speaker will be Sara Goldrick-Rab, who is a Professor of Higher Education Policy and Sociology at Temple University, and Founder of the Wisconsin HOPE Lab. Dr. Goldrick-Rab is the leading scholar on housing and food insecurity. Compton College faculty and staff are invited to attend the Real#114 Housing and Food Insecurity Conference, and we will invite other community colleges to send a team of individuals to this conference at a cost.

Bailey Smith, Director of Student Equity, will coordinate the Real#114 Housing and Food Insecurity Conference and will be reaching out to faculty and staff to serve on the planning committee for this conference.

2018-19 State Budget Proposal for Higher Education

Governor Brown proposed the establishment of a new funding formula for community colleges in the 2018-2019 January Budget Proposal for Higher Education. The proposed funding formula would incorporate the following core components:

  • Base Grant (50% of the funding): Each district would receive a base grant based on enrollment. Similar to the existing funding formula, a per-Full-Time Equivalent Student (FTES) funding rate would be applied across all districts.
  • Supplemental Grant (25% of the funding): Each district would receive a supplemental grant based on the number of low-income students that the district enrolls. Specifically, the supplemental grant would reflect two factors: (1) enrollment of students who receive a California College Promise Grant fee waiver (formerly known as the Board of Governors Waiver) and (2) enrollment of students who receive a Pell Grant.
  • Student Success Incentive Grant (25% of the funding): Each district would receive additional funding for the number of students who meet the following metrics: (1) the number of degrees and certificates granted and (2) the number of students
  • Hold Harmless Provisio: During the first year of implementation, each district would be held harmless to the level of funding that the district received in 2017-18. After that, the hold harmless provision would be calculated each year using the 2017-18 per-FTES rate multiplied by the district's new FTES.

If the Governor's proposed new funding formula for California Community Colleges is approved, it will result in the Compton Community College District experiencing a funding reduction of approximately $3.69 million. It is very important to note, that on June 27, 2017, Governor Brown signed the 2017-2018 California State Budget, which included $11.3 million for the Compton District to support Compton College's transition to an accredited institution under the authority of the Compton Community College District Board of Trustees. More importantly, Compton College has been provided with FTES enrollment stability protection for four fiscal years, once Compton College is under the governing authority of the Compton District Board of Trustees. Our goal is to complete the transition on June 7, 2019. If we achieve our goal, Compton College would be funded as follows for the subsequent fiscal years:

  1. For the 2019-20 fiscal year, Compton College would be funded at an amount not less than the total amount that the community college district would receive if the level of attendance of FTES were the same level of attendance as in the 2017-18 fiscal year.
  2. For the 2020-21 fiscal year, Compton College would be funded at an amount not less than 95 percent of the total amount that the community college district would receive if the level of attendance of FTES were the same level of attendance as in the 2017-18 fiscal year.
  3. For the 2021-22 fiscal year, Compton College would be funded at an amount not less than 90 percent of the total amount that the community college district would receive if the level of attendance of FTES were the same level of attendance as in the 2017-18 fiscal year.
  4. For the 2022-23 fiscal year, Compton College would be funded at an amount not less than 85 percent of the total amount that the community college district would receive if the level of attendance of FTES were the same level of attendance as in the prior 2017-18 year.

Even though Compton College would have FTES protection for four consecutive years after the transition from El Camino Community College District, there is concern for Compton District's fiscal stability with regard to the following:

  1. Other Post-Employment Benefits liability ($13.2 million fiscal liability);
  2. Line of Credit repayment (outstanding balance of $10.6 million owed to the State of California);
  3. Future pension costs ($34.2 million fiscal liability);
  4. Re-establishment of the Compton District Personnel Commission (beginning July 1, 2029, the projected ongoing cost is $287,000);
  5. Information Technology department positions that are currently funded from the $11.3 million for the Compton College transition (beginning July 1, 2023, the projected ongoing cost is $850,000);
  6. Compton College Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System/Student Information System (SIS) (beginning March 2, 2022, through April 30, 2028, the remaining balance owed to Ellucian Banner is approximately $4.5 million).

In January 2018, I was appointed to the Community College League of California Chief Executive Officer funding formula workgroup. The workgroup was tasked with providing insights and assistance to the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges, Mr. Eloy Oakley, in the development of a revised funding formula for our colleges. The CEO funding recommendations are available online at: https://www.ccleague.org/sites/default/files/images/ceo_recommendations_funding_formula.pdf.

Over the past month, I have been communicating with our statewide elected officials regarding the proposed changes to the California Community Colleges funding formula, and I have shared my concerns regarding the potential fiscal impact on Compton College once the FTES protection has expired. In the coming weeks, I will be writing a letter to Governor Brown, Chancellor Oakley, and our statewide elected officials sharing my concerns with the proposed funding formula. Furthermore, I will be asking our Planning and Budget Committee to discuss the future costs for the Compton District and provide me with a recommendation by August 2, 2018. The recommendation should take into account the Compton College planning documents, future staffing needs for Compton College, and budget reductions that will need to be implemented by the 2023-24 fiscal year.

Faculty and Staff Ice Cream Social May 22

The Compton College faculty and staff Ice Cream Social is scheduled for May 22, 2018 from noon to 2 p.m. in the Staff Lounge. Please plan to attend as the Distinguished Faculty and Staff Awards will be presented, as well as the employee years-of-service recognition!

Online Calendar of Events

Compton College has an online calendar of events where campuswide events may be posted for free: www.compton.edu/events/. The calendar is accessible from the www.compton.edu homepage.

The online calendar system provides multiple options for visitors to share events via social media, personal calendars and email.

All Compton College employees may submit events to the calendar that are of a campuswide nature (workshops, resource fairs, public lectures, etc.). The events are reviewed and approved by the webmaster and then added to the calendar.

For more information about using the online calendar of events, please contact the web master.

President/CEO "Open Hour"

As always, I welcome you to visit my office during my regular "Open Hour" on Tuesdays from 2-4 p.m.

Quarterly Tartar Talks

Campuswide quarterly updates will continue to be held on the fourth Tuesday of the designated month from 1-2 p.m.

Tartar Talks 2017-2018 Schedule:

  • September 18
  • November 20

This is an exciting time of year for Compton College and it provides the perfect opportunity to acknowledge that Every Student is a Success Story!

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