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Message from the PRESIDENT/CEO

APRIL 2018

What a difference a year makes! Last year at this time, the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) External Evaluation Team had just completed its four-day visit to the campus. I want to thank all our employees who have worked tirelessly to move the process to accreditation forward. Compton College is now focused on completing the next and final step, which is submitting a Substantive Change Proposal to the ACCJC requesting the Compton Community College District assume authority over Compton College.

We have some exciting events planned this month as we move into many year-end celebrations. The second annual Tartar Success Student Leadership Conference is scheduled for April 5 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Little Theater, and the Girls and Women in Technology Conference and Job Fair will be held on April 20 from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. beginning in the Gymnasium.

The spring mid-term classes begin April 14 and students may register for a class up until that date. The summer 2018 class schedule is now available online here. The first six-week and eight-week summer sessions begin June 18 and the second six-week session begins July 2. Summer registration appointment information will be available for students via MyECC beginning May 7.

El Camino College/Compton College Transition

Compton College is working with the Ellucian team on developing the detailed implementation schedule for the ERP System/SIS needed for student information/registration, Human Resources, and for all related financial items at Compton College. The implementation consultants, Ellucian project manager, and other resources are scheduled to be on campus in April 2018. We will have a Compton College Banner ERP system kick-off meeting on Tuesday, April 26 from 1 to 2 p.m. in the Allied Health Building, room 119. The Compton College Banner ERP System tentative implementation timeline is available online here.

2018-2019 Overarching Priorities

The Compton College has established its 2018-2019 Overarching Priorities, which are linked to the 2017-2022 Compton College Strategic Goals and Objectives (see page 15, Comprehensive Master Plan). The 2018-2019 Overarching Priorities shall guide our planning for the 2018-2019 year, and were approved by the Consultative Council on Monday, April 4, 2018.

Charles Drew University Partnership Update

The partnership agreement between Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science (CDU), Compton College, and Compton Community College District (CCCD) took effect August 15, 2017. The purpose of the agreement is to establish a pathway program for Compton College students to complete the undergraduate education at CDU in health professions of interest to students and foster collaboration among faculty and staff of CDU, Compton College, and the CCCD. The following is a summary of the journey toward implementing the intents of the agreement:

  1. Karen Jackson, chief enrollment management officer at CDU and Dr. Abiodun Osanyinpeju, dean of Student Learning, at Compton College will lead the implementation of the partnership agreement.
  2. A Joint Implementation Committee was established between Compton College and the CDU and includes the following members:
    • Vanessa Riggins, Director of Enrollment Management, CDU
    • Dr. Ebere Ume, RN-BSN Program Director, CDU
    • Karen Jackson, Chief Enrollment Management Officer, CDU
    • Dr. Stephanie Atkinson-Alston, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Compton College
    • Elizabeth Martinez, Vice President of Student Services, Compton College
    • Dr. Abiodun Osanyinpeju, Dean of Student Learning, Compton College
    • Dr. Nelly Alvarado, Director of Enrollment Services, Compton College
    • Richette Bell, Director of Admissions and Records, Compton College
    • Lynell Wiggins, Director of Adult Education & Workforce Development
    • Dr. Wanda Morris, Director of Nursing, El Camino College
    • Theresa Barragan-Echeveria, Counselor, Compton College
  3. Several information sessions are proposed for the fall 2018 and spring 2019 semesters in order to promote concurrent enrollment of Compton College students on the two campuses. Compton College's first and second semester nursing students will take field trips to the CDU campus every semester. CDU will participate, along with other colleges, in the Compton College Transfer Center-organized College Day this fall. In addition, a separate college day will be held in spring specifically for CDU to promote its programs. CDU representatives participated in the Compton College Health Day on February 28.
  4. Counselors and science department faculty from Compton College and CDU participated in a Counselor and Science Faculty Day at the CDU campus on March 15. The event included sessions for counselors to address student outcomes, while science faculty members looked into methods for cultivating students' critical thinking skills and positive attitudes toward careers in medicine and science.
  5. Finally, there will be a meeting scheduled between Compton College Academic Affairs and the CDU team to review and update, if needed, the curricula and transfer agreements for transfer credits for CDU's bachelor's degree programs in biomedical science, urban community health, and nutrition science and food systems.

Educational Programs Taskforce Update

In spring of 2016, Compton College established the Educational Programs Taskforce to review Low Enrolled Educational Programs/Courses and identify those programs that have been experiencing declining enrollments and poor fill rates of courses being offered. The Educational Programs Taskforce reviewed the past five years of Compton College section enrollment, percentage fill rate, and FTES for all programs offered. As a result, in the spring of 2017, the Compton District reduced the following Full-time Equivalent Faculty:

  • Computer Information Systems (CIS) Instructional Services - 1.0 FTE
  • Office Administration Instructional Services - 1.0 FTE
  • Recreation Instructional Services - 1.0 FTE

At the February 20, 2018 Compton Community College District Board of Trustees meeting, it was communicated that the Compton College Educational Programs Taskforce would reconvene this academic year. Vice President of Academic Affairs Stephanie Atkinson-Alston and Dean of Student Success Chelvi Subramaniam were appointed to the Educational Programs Taskforce. In addition, the Compton College Academic Senate will appoint three faculty members to the taskforce.

Once the faculty members have been appointed, an Educational Programs Taskforce meeting schedule will be established for the year. The Educational Programs Taskforce will:

  • Review the plans submitted for the low enrolled programs during the 2016-17 year.
  • Request that plans from dance, theatre, and film/video be submitted for review no later than June 30, 2018.
  • Provide a presentation to the Compton Community College District Board of Trustees on October 16, 2018.

The primary objective of the Educational Programs Taskforce is to arrive at a recommendation for the President/CEO that is data driven, inclusive, and supports student success.

Compton College Promise Program

The following is an update on the Compton College Promise Program and the agreement between Compton College and the Compton Unified School District (CUSD). The Compton College Promise is a recruitment program, coordinated by Dr. Nelly Alvarado, director of Enrollment Services, to reach Compton College's enrollment goal of increasing the number of students from in-district high schools that enroll at Compton College, as well as a way to strengthen partnerships with feeder high schools. To kick off the Compton Promise enrollment efforts, assemblies were held at:

Centennial High School: March 23
Compton High School: March 27
Dominguez High School: March 28

The purpose of the assemblies was to assist CUSD students with the Compton College Promise application process. Nearly 400 juniors and seniors attended the assembly at Centennial High School, 200 seniors attended the assembly at Compton High School, and nearly 225 seniors attended the assembly at Dominguez High School. The attendees learned about the eligibility requirements and benefits of applying to the Compton College Promise program. Following the assemblies, Compton College support programs such as EOPS/CARE, YESS, First Year Experience Program (FYE), and Financial Aid organized a resource fair during the lunch hour.

Through the Compton College Promise program, high school graduates who attend Compton College full-time (12 units) after graduation will have enrollment fees waived for the first year. The one-year of paid enrollment fees includes the fall semester, winter term, spring semester and summer term at Compton College. The first students eligible to participate in this program are the Compton Unified School District class of 2018 students who graduate and enroll at Compton College in fall of 2018. We anticipate the Lynwood and Paramount Promise programs will begin in fall 2019.

For more information about the Compton College Promise visit: www.compton.edu/student/comptonpromise/

The Compton College Promise video is also available online at:

Prospective Compton College Promise students are encouraged to complete the enrollment steps by April 30 to receive priority registration for fall 2018.

Compton Promise Night

Once the first Compton Promise cohort is established, students and their parents will be invited to participate in Compton College Promise Night on May 23, from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. at Compton College. The goal of Promise Night is to ensure students/parents understand participation and eligibility requirements.

If you are interested in participating in the Promise Night activities, please contact Dr. Nelly Alvarado at nalvarado@elcamino.edu, or ext. 2763.

In addition, Senior Day is scheduled for May 10. High school seniors will have the opportunity to come to campus and explore Compton College's degree and certificate options, receive financial aid information and transfer and career assistance, as well as attend a student support resource fair.

Northern California Tour

The Compton College Northern California Tour is scheduled for next week, April 9-12. The tour will include 38 Compton College students and two chaperones. The goal of the Compton College Northern California Tour is to increase the number of transfer students' awareness of different major options; knowledge of transfer admissions eligibility requirements; and the different types of institutions of higher education in Northern California. Student participants will have the opportunity to visit the following universities: UC Merced, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, CSU Bakersfield, San Francisco State University, and UC Santa Cruz. The Compton District will provide accommodations for hotels, food, and transportation.

Compton College Hiring Update

The District is currently recruiting for 12 faculty positions. They are as follows:

  • American Sign Language
  • Automotive Technology
  • CalWORKs
  • Guided Pathway Counselor
  • Cosmetology
  • English
  • Kinesiology/Women's Softball Coach
  • Counselor/Learning Disabilities Specialist
  • Librarian
  • Machine Tool Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Nursing

All positions closed on March 5, 2018. Screening committees for the above positions have been constituted, with the exception of American Sign Language, Kinesiology/Women's Softball Coach, and Counselor/Learning Disabilities Specialist. We are awaiting faculty nominations for these three positions. The goal is to have all recruitments completed by the end of the spring semester with August 23, 2018 being the start date for all faculty positions.

We are also recruiting for several administrative and classified positions. All of the positions are slated to be in place by the end of the spring semester. The administrative positions are:

  • Director of Accounting
  • Director of Financial Aid
  • Director of Community Relations
  • Director of Nursing
  • Manager of Research and Planning
  • System and Network Support Manager

The classified positions are in the IT area, and the goal is to have the positions filled by April 30. The positions are:

  • Business Analyst
  • Network Support Specialist

2018 Compton College Commencement

Compton College will hold its 2018 Commencement Ceremony on Thursday, June 7 at 5:30 p.m. in the Football Stadium. The keynote speaker for the ceremony will be President and CEO of Edison International Pedro Pizarro. This will be the first commencement ceremony at Compton College since it was officially named the 114th California Community College through a unanimous vote by the Board of Governors in June 2017.

Commencement Student Speaker Search

Compton College is accepting applications for the 2018 commencement student speaker! Do you know of a student in the class of 2018 who has a gift for public speaking? Please encourage him or her to apply in the Office of Student Life. The application deadline is this Friday, April 6.

Spring 2018 Year-End Activities

Compton College hosted its inaugural Retirees Luncheon on March 20, 2018. It is a tradition that we hope to carry on for years to come in recognition of retiring faculty and staff's dedication to higher education and years of service to the Compton Community College District and Compton College. Twenty-four retired faculty and staff attended the luncheon. Click here to view photos of the celebration.

The most current list of year-end events is available here. If you would like me to speak at your upcoming event, please be sure to complete an "Event Participation Request Form" and submit it to the President/CEO Office at least four weeks in advance. This will assist in the planning process.

President/CEO "Open Hour"

As always, I welcome you to visit my office during my regular "Open Hour" on Tuesdays from 2-4 p.m.

Quarterly Tartar Talks

Campuswide quarterly updates will continue to be held on the fourth Tuesday of the designated month from 1-2 p.m.

Tartar Talks 2017-2018 Schedule:

  • April 24
  • September 18
  • November 20

There is a lot happening at Compton College in the coming months, so please stay focused on enrollment management and student support. This is my favorite time of year to support Every Student's Success Story!

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