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curriculum Committee Membership


Voting Members Email Representation
Todd Kler tkler@compton.edu Business and Industrial Studies
Michael VanOverbeck mvanoverbeck@compton.edu Business and Industrial Studies 
Harvey Estrada hestrada@compton.edu Fine Arts, Communications and Humanities
Brittany Olayele bolayele@compton.edu Fine Arts, Communications and Humanities
Shay Brown sbrown@compton.edu Health and Public Services
Vacant   Health and Public Services
Hassan Elfarissi helfarissi@compton.edu Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Jose Martinez jmartinez@compton.edu Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Corina Diaz cdiaz@compton.edu Social Sciences
Hoa Pham hpham@compton.edu Social Sciences
Vacant   Counselor
Donald Roach droach@compton.edu Division Chair
Paul Flor pflor@compton.edu Division Dean
Vacant   Distance Education Faculty Coordinator
Charles Hobbs chobbs@compton.edu Librarian
 Amber Gillis agillis@compton.edu  Student Learning Outcomes Coordinator
Non-Voting Members Email Representation
Sheri Berger sberger@compton.edu Vice President, Academic Affairs/CIO
Maya Medina mmedina@compton.edu Curriculum Analyst
Melain McIntosh mmcintosh@compton.edu Articulation Officer
Sean Moore smoore@compton.edu Curriculum Committee Chair/Cosmetology
 Noemi Montorosso nmontorosso@compton.edu Academic Senate Secretary
 Genesis Batalla gbatalla@compton.edu Student Representative
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