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Student Equity Program

The 2015-2018 Student Equity Plan (SEP) is part of an ongoing institutional effort, underway at the Compton Center, to improve proportional student academic outcomes and to more carefully and formally assess and evaluate student equity planning.

Compton Center recognizes that equity planning and assessment, as well as expansion of its data collection to further examine the academic needs of an increasingly diverse student population, is critical to the achievement of student equity and the fostering of academic excellence for all students across all educational programs.

This Plan was written as a campus-wide effort, along with contributions from the Committee, and will seek approval by the Special Trustee of the Compton Community College District on January, 2016 in compliance with Title 5 guidelines in Section 54220.

By addressing the needs of those student groups that have been historically underserved, the Compton Center's SEP will also serve to provide basic skills completion, degree and certificate completion, career and technical education and transfer opportunities for all our students.  The SEP will help us provide the necessary tools to ensure that all of our students have the same opportunity to achieve their academic and career goals.


 Student Equity Plan

El Camino College Compton Center Student Equity Plan

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Tartar Sucess Opening Session

2017 Tartar Success Conference - Opening Session

Tartar Success Conference - Dr. Noguera

2017 Tartar Success Conference - Dr. Noguera speaking to students
 HBCU Students Taking a Break   

2016 HBCU Tour Students Taking a Break

HBCU Tour Participants in LAX

2016 HBCU Tour participants in LAX

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