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Dial (310) 900-1600 then enter the appropriate extension number of the instructor you are trying to reach.  All of the part-time faculty do not have an extension; therefore to contact them you need to send them an email.

Full-time Faculty

Name Telephone Office Location Email Title
Zenaida Mitu ext. 2702 AHB 113 zmitu@compton.edu Interim Nursing Director 
Dr. Saundra Bosfield ext. 2714 AHB 108 sbosfield@compton.edu Assistant Professor
Dr. Frances Hayes-Cushenberry ext. 2724 AHB 108 fcushenberry@compton.edu Assistant Professor
Dr. Deborah Heming ext. 2728 AHB 107 dheming@compton.edu Associate Professor
Sophia Tse ext. 2712 AHB 107 stse@compton.edu Associate Professor
Dr. Shirley Thomas ext. 2717 AHB 104 sthomas@compton.edu


Linda Thierry ext. 2713 AHB 105 lthierry@compton.edu


Obiageli Obah ext. 2707 AHB 106 oobah@compton.edu

Assistant Instructor

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