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The Mission of the Earth Science Department is to offer quality educational opportunities for students by providing courses that transfer to four-year institutions and by offering associate degree courses that meet general education requirements. 

The Earth Sciences Department is comprised of geology and geography. The department provides a comprehensive general education program in the areas of Physical Geology laboratory and lecture, Geologic Hazards, and field trip experiences. 

Geology Classes Offered at the El Camino Compton Educational Center

Geology 1
Physical Geology 

This course provides an introduction to the materials, structures, and processes that shape the earth. The course includes a survey of minerals and rocks, a study of plate tectonics and the forces that create volcanism and earthquakes,and a study of topographic features created by streams,landslides,ground water,glaciers,wind,and ocean waves.

Geology 2
History of Planet Earth 

This course presents a study of the history of the Earth since the time of its formation to the present day. The course will integrate plate tectonics into a detailed investigation of the dynamics of the Earth’s geologic forcesand their effect on the atmospheric, oceanic and biologic realms. The effect of extraterrestrial events such asasteroid impacts that have shaped our habitable world will also be covered. 

Geology 3
Physical Geology Laboratory 

This course is a laboratory study of geologic exercises and the use of topographic maps.Laboratory  exercises will include identification of rocks and minerals, map exercises, structure problems, field studies and recognition of land forms created by various processes working  on and in the earth.

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