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Distance Education 

(online and Hybrid Courses)

Many of the distance education courses will have a first class meeting on campus.  Some courses are offered entirely online and do not have meetings on campus. Hybrid courses include both online instruction and required on-campus class meetings.

The instructors at Compton College use the course management system 'CANVAS' via the internet. The online courses are available on the start date of the class. A student must login and read the first announcement.  The announcement will contain instructions that includes what needs to be completed to avoid being dropped from the class.  Instructors teaching hybrid courses use the same system; however, students must attend the first day of class as scheduled and meetings thereafter.

 Register Online image  DE Courses are accessed on the Course Management System called  Canvas  via the Internet.  (You must be officially registered in a DE course or you will not see the course tab in  CANVAS)

CANVAS Website and Login Instructions

Academic Strategies 60
(Recommended for students enrolling in Distance Education courses-available in the fall 2018 semester.)

Students enrolled in online or hybrid classes for the fall 2018 should check their college email for updates that are periodically sent regarding any changes.

FALL 2018 Short-term Classes (begin October 20, 2018)

Administration of Justice
AJ 170, Laws of Arrest, Search and Seizure, #9012
D. Mason, dmason@elcamino.edu

ANTH 2, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, #9020
J. Parikh, jparikh@elcamino.edu 

BUS 21, Human Resources Management, #9503
D. McGovern, dmcgovern@elcamino.edu

Contemporary Health
CH1, Personal and Community Health, #9609
K. Rosario, krosario@elcamino.edu  

ENGL 1A, Reading and Composition, #9356
J. Crozier, jcrozier@elcamino.edu 

ENGL 1C, Adv. Critical Thinking and Composition, #9385
J. Hill,  jkhill@elcamino.edu 

History 102, U.S. History, 1877 to the Present, #9120
K. Radcliffe, kradcliffe@elcamino.edu 

Human Development
HDEV 110, Strategies for Creating Success, #9092
J. Phillips, jphillips@elcamino.edu



  Student Handbook for Distance Education Courses

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   Canvas Login Instructions  



Accreditation (ACCJC)

Vocational Technology Building, Office 138
310-900-1600, ext. 2137
If you have a questions, please email us at distanceEd-cec@elcamino.edu

Distance Education Faculty Coordinator
Jasmine Phillips

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