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The Associate Degree Nursing Program is a demanding, rigorous program that requires advance academic preparation, personal commitment, and a considerable amount of time in study and preparation outside of class. Mandatory general orientation sessions are available each semester to assist prospective applicants so they may learn more about careers in nursing, the El Camino nursing program and its requirements, and how to formulate an educational plan to become a qualified applicant.

Nursing courses must be taken in sequence. Non-nursing courses are to be taken in the semester indicated, unless taken prior to entering the nursing sequence.

Students intending to pursue a BSN should consult a nursing counselor for transferability of science courses and additional course requirements of the four-year institution.


Nursing 48 - Calculating Drugs and Solutions (8 weeks)
Hours: 3.0 hours Lecture; 3.4 hours Lab - 2 Units

Nursing 145  - Introduction to Nursing (8 weeks)
Hours: 4.5 hours Lecture - 2 Units

Total units for Program Requirements = 4.0


Nursing 150 - Beginning Nursing Process & Skills (16 weeks)
Hours: 4.5 hours Lecture; 11.8 hours Lab - 7.5 Units

Nursing 151  - Human Development and Health (8 weeks)
Hours: 4.5 hours Lecture - 2 Units

Nursing 152 - Introduction to Nursing Pharmacology (8 weeks)
Hours: 2 hours Lecture - 1 Unit

Sociology 101 - Introduction to Sociology (8 weeks)
Hours: 3 hours Lecture - 3 Unit

Total units for first Semester = 13.5


Nursing 153 - Intermediate Nursing Process I (8 weeks)
Hours: 4.5  hours Lecture; 16.9 hours Lab - 4.5 Units

Nursing 154 - Intermediate Nursing Process and Mental Health (8 weeks)
Hours: 4.5 hours Lecture; 13.5 hours Lab - 4 Units

Nursing 155 - Health Assessment (8 weeks)
Hours: 1 hour Lecture; 3.4 hours lab - 1 Unit 

Nursing 156 - Advanced Nursing Pharmacology (8 weeks)
Hours: 2 Units Lecture - 1 Unit

Psychology 5*
Hours: 3.4 hours Lecture - 3 Units

Total units for Second Semester = 13.5


Nursing 250 - Intermediate Nursing Process and The Family (8 weeks)
Hours: 6.8 hours Lecture; 16.9 hours Lab - 5.5 Units

Nursing 251 - Legal and Ethical Considerations in Nursing (8 weeks)
Hours: 2 hours Lecture - 1 Unit

Nursing 253 - Intermediate Nursing Process II (8 weeks)
Hours: 4.5 hours Lecture; 16.9 hours Lab - 4.5 Units

Select one of the following General Education Requirements:  

     English 1B*
     Hours: 3.4 hours Lecture- 3 Units

     Communication & Analytical Thinking*
     Hours: 3.4 hours Lecture - 3 Units

Total Units Third Semester = 14


Nursing 254 - Advanced Nursing Process I (12 weeks)
Hours: 4.5 hours Lecture; 18 hours Lab - 7 Units

Nursing 255 - Advanced Nursing Process II (4 weeks)
Hours: 33.75 hours Lab - 2.5 Units

Select one of the following General Education Requirements:  

     English 1B*
     Hours: 3.4 hours Lecture- 3 Units

     Communication & Analytical Thinking*
     Hours: 3.4 hours Lecture - 3 Units

Total Units Fourth Semester = 12.5

* These subjects may be taken prior to admission to the nursing department.


Note: In addition to the Nursing Department and Board of Registered Nursing course requirements, students must meet the ECC A.S. degree general education requirements outlined in the college catalog. Please consult with a nursing counselor if you have any questions regarding the degree requirements.

Contact Information:

Inquiries related to the Nursing program can be directed to:

Wanda Morris - Dean of Student Learning - Compton Center
(310) 900-1600 x2702

Director of Nursing:
Octavia Hyacinth, DNP, MSN, FNP-C, RN, CCRN

Kayla Ellis - Sr. Administrative Assistant - Compton Center
(310) 900-1600 x2700


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